Spoilers might act weird.

(Source: Adult Swim)

For some reason that is unclear, the show felt it necessary to show us that what Jack and Ashi walked into was not a deliberate trap, but an accidental one. A ship in outer space, as it turns out a floating prison, is struck by a meteor and lands on Earth. Whether it is extraterrestrial or part of Aku’s empire we never know or do we? Is it normal for a computer to speak in perfect english? Or for weapons, doors and elevators to conform to human standards? Perhaps I’m being finicky, but it all points to Earth.

Nevertheless, it’s really obvious in this episode that getting Jack and Ashi together has been a plan since the start. It’s the first time in the show that the story of Jack has romance (no, we’re not going to talk about Ikra here, that was a ruse!).

After avoiding another assassination attempt involving green tigers, Jack and Ashi escape to the desert. They end up seeking refuge in a very large fallen spaceship that ends up being a prison. The prison has one survivor: Lazarus-92, a being composed of multiple leech-like bugs. In sitcom-like fashion, the bugs eat Ashi’s clothing and she has to fight naked. Jack gives her his samurai gi so she remains decent.

Thanks to the ship’s computer and armory they’re able to arm themselves with a device meant specifically to kill Lazarus, except that Jack misses part of the instructions and is forced to guess at the last minute.

And yes, Jack and Ashi are awkward throughout the entire episode until the very last minute after surviving the attack of the last alien.


  • Jack gets a fish head for eating sushi.
  • We saw it coming a mile away, but at least it’s out there now. How exactly are they going to act going forward?
  • In case someone wants to look up Ikra, it was another deceit by Aku as early as Season 1, Episode VI: Jack and the Warrior Woman.
  • Was anybody reminded of the Ikamandi when Jack and Ashi get ambushed by green tigers? I thought I saw them in the background for a moment.
  • I wanted Jack to retain something of this wild side, perhaps the hair. Anyhow, good to have him back. Watch out.
  • Ashi needed a change of clothing, but this wasn’t what I meant. I get why she couldn’t keep the assassin getup, but she needs a new fighting garb of her very own.
  • The next episodes should change the dynamic between Jack and Ashi, but the timing is inconvenient at best.

That will do for now.