Jack didn’t lose his sword. The sword left him.

(Source: Adult Swim)

We’re back to the past, but still in Aku’s future as we finally get to see the crisis that led to Jack losing his sword. In what appears to be an unbelievable chance to cross a time portal, Jack falls just short of getting back to the past. The infamous Aku has destroyed what he claims is the very last time portal. The samurai loses it and tries to kill Aku. To distract him, Aku turns three innocent-looking little rams into monsters. Jack kills them, but is shocked to see them back as their original selves, dead by his blade, which he has dropped dangerously close to the abyss left behind by the destroyed portal.

Cut back to the present, and it’s Jack and Ashi atop a giant bird, flying right towards the same mountain. From here, they’ll descend into the abyss looking for the sword, but it’s not there. Jack realizes the sword has left him. He didn’t lose it. The sword left him. Wait, run that by me again?

It all comes down to his own spiritual quest. Jack goes deep into a trance and travels inception-like into the ether, seeking the wisdom to gain his sword back. To do that, he must vanquish his own anger.

Ashi is left behind in the physical world, but she’s not going to be bored. A huge army approaches the mountain. It’s up to her to stop them from getting to the samurai. Their sheer number and strength are no match for Ashi, who has no qualms getting blood on herself. The real challenge appears when the high priestess, the mother of the Assassins of Aku, attacks. Ashi has to defeat the person that originally train her.

That is the two battles fought in this episode, an episode that alternates between Jack ceremoniously preparing tea and Ashi having to kill, cut, stab and punch her way across the legions of enemies come to fight her new friend. In the end, Jack will have to vanquish his own rage to gain the favour of the old gods. Ashi will have to defeat her own mother. Need I tell you how it ends?


  • Old style battle with Aku at the start, except seeing Jack give in to anger was so unlike him. Yet you expect him to do so, after so much battles.
  • Lots of bloody action in this episode. Jack killing the monster rams. The little rams appearing dead later. Ashi killing the armies in a deadly carnage.
  • It would seem like Ashi’s battle was disproportionally harder than Jack’s. She fights her own mother, who shoots arrows -and guilt- at her.
  • Jack gains back balance. And the gods hand him the sword once more. And his samurai garb.
  • And as Ashi points out, he also had a haircut and a shave. Yes, he’s once more Samurai Jack.
  • What’s next? Aku. Aku is next.

That will do for now.