Spoilers will be reactivated.

The mysteries of Westworld seem to be crafted with the same care than Dr. Ford’s complicated narratives. After the shocker from last week, we’re not quite back to business as usual, thanks to Maeve as she convinces both Felix and Sylvester to perform further modifications. Apparently she has a built-in explosive that will detonate if she leaves the park. It also gives the two body shop hosts the perfect opportunity to wipe her memories away as she must shutdown during the procedure.

(Source: HBO)
(Source: HBO)

Dolores’ William storyline is also moving along. She finally gets to walk into that small town with the white church. Or not, as she realizes what she saw was a memory of the past and the town seems to buried but for the church’s bell tower sticking out from the ground. She also dreams the very massacre that Teddy remembers and that is famously attributed to Wyatt. This brings to mind some theories, but we’ll leave those for the highs and lows.

Maeve’s backstory finally takes center stage. However, it’s not delivered by her. It’s told by the Man in Black as he reveals his own back story and his own attempt to break out of the loop. The method was literally murder, as he was responsible for killing Maeve’s former role and her daughter. This is done after Teddy Flood remembers the narrative in which the Man in Black went after Dolores. We also get to meet Angela again, the hostess who received William/Billy to the park. The fact that the Man in Black recognizes her only reinforces another popular theory.

So many questions to address here. So, let’s start with the good stuff. Future spoilers galore past this line.


  • Although I hate to subscribe to popular theories, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Bernard may not only be patterned in the effigy of Arnold, but that we’ve seen Arnold already. In other words, those conversations between “Bernard” and Dolores might have taken place between Arnold and Dolores instead.
  • The theory of William being the Man in Black in the future gained momentum as Angela, previous hostess reappears to Teddy and the Man in Black. The reaction from Mr. Black was typically cryptic: “I thought they’d retire you by now.”
  • We got to see the massacre of the little white church town yet again, but not Wyatt, not clearly enough. My theory is actually that Teddy is Wyatt himself, he just doesn’t know it. However, in this week’s episode it seems Dolores was getting pushed into the role. I think that might be a false positive. Teddy being Wyatt fits more the pattern of tragedy in his backstory. As the Man in Black says, Teddy has always been a loser – meaning that he’s destined to lose his battles.
  • Maeve’s backstory was an experiment of the Man in Black. Is it him who she was expecting to show up in Sweetwater at a certain time?
  • Felix and Sylvester. Two names of cartoon cats. I wouldn’t be surprised if both turned out to be hosts too. Or in any case, pawns of someone’s plans (Ford?).
  • Another small tidbit. When Bernard asks Ford if he has made him killed anybody else and Ford denies it, we see a glimpse of someone been crushed by Bernard. Was that Elsie? I almost would likened that vision to a confirmation that Elsie is NOT dead and that she’s going to turn out ok at some point. Perhaps Bernard was stopped from killing her by Arnold.
  • Hale and Sizemore now work together as she wants to smuggle the code in one of the decomissioned hosts. The one she picks is Dolores’ father. Sizemore’s mission, to get him out of the park as he was a guest. That’s not an easy tasks, aren’t they supposed to explode? Or the fact that they are decomissioned also means that won’t happen? Is it a coincidence that Hale picks Dolores’ father?

That will do for now.