One last movie before the wrap up!


The Unseen is a low key film that was recommended to me while in the press media line. Director and screenplay writer Geoff Redknap brings us this small mill town drama about a man with a secret. A strange infection is gradually taking over his body, rendering it non visible. Instead of some instantaneous effect, it starts with transparent skin, exposing his inside organs. Having left his family, he keeps a low profile but finds himself slowly succumbing to his disease. When he hears from his ex-wife that his daughter seems to be running away from her life, he’s forced to accept a deal transporting drugs to go visit her.

Although we’re all familiar with stories about invisible people, this one doesn’t happen in a lab. It doesn’t involve big government conspiracies. What it presents us is a scaled back family drama that happens to have invisibility as a dirty family secret. Is the final destiny of all who suffer from this disease to disappear out of sight and out of mind of their families? Will it be Bob (Aden Young) who breaks this cycle or his daughter Eva (Julia Sarah Stone)?. Hard choices are ahead as Bob is willing to let the secret of his condition be his downfall just so that his daughter might survive.

Highs: No frills down-to-earth family drama dealing with a disease that happens to be invisibility. Strong performances of Aden Young and Julia Sarah Stone.

Lows: There’s a little bit of a change of tone at the ending where what was considered a huge problem is suddenly not a problem anymore.

Strongly recommended family drama with a mostly low key sci-fi twist. The sci-fi flavor is minimal and could represent just about any other family secret. The change of tone at the ending feels slightly forced.

That will do for now.