Spoilers might reach the top of the garbage bin.

(Photo: Gene Pace/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Pace/AMC)

Nobody’s safe sounded like the same warning we’ve heard a little too often. The Walking Dead 6×03: Thank You is a stern, brutal reminder why we can’t have nice things. Or survivors, for that matter. The premise is as simple as it is brutal. We’re back with the herd handlers. They’re out of a job. That siren just screwed the whole thing to hell. Now the problem is trying to get home to mount some sort of offense… Or see what’s left of the Alexandria safe zone.

Some seem to make it better than others. Rick warns his lieutenants not to go back for stragglers. Get home. Now. Sounds practical, but the truth is that is not a call to make until you are deep into trouble. You gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, Rick. And soon enough, the group divides because – well, this is not a particularly disciplined retreat. Rick is going to try to do what? Turn away the herd? By himself?

Michonne and Glenn end with more people that they can manage, and these people are not the best at staying safe. But the odds of protecting one person that limps, another one with a ricochet bullet and a guy that has already been bitten are low. It would seem the Alexandrians are the first dish of the day for walkers but that’s due to their lapsed survival instincts. Rick’s group have honed their instincts to the max, so the chances of them getting caught are less likely.

Nice theory but it’s going to blow up on my face before this episode is over.

(Photo: Gene Pace/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Pace/AMC)

Rick is alone. He’s been alone before and he’s resourceful enough to survive. However, he’s targeted by the Wolves, inside an RV that might be just a throwback to Dale’s yet again. He manages to take down both Wolves and execute them. But now he’s on a non-working RV in the path of the imminent horde or herd. Whatever you want to call the oncoming clusterfuck of death. He manages to get on his radio to catch Glenn, who calls him a dumbass just because it seems to be nostalgia week… or something bigger.

So let’s get to that scene.

Nicholas. He’s been given chances, but oh boy does he messes up bad on this one. The only person who apparently has been in the little town en route to Alexandria, he’s not sure where to turn as the mass of roamers closes in. Say goodbye to most of the people that follow them as Nick and Glenn are soon left alone and surrounded. The small refuge is on top of a garbage bin. This is where Nicholas, who’s been phasing in and out unable to make good decisions just basically loses all hope. He thanks Glenn and shoots himself.

(Photo: Gene Pace/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Pace/AMC)

As he falls he takes Glenn with him. A dazed Glenn hits the ground as the walkers pile up and eat up. And here’s where I catch up with all the internet craze. Are we seeing the walkers pull guts from Glenn or Nick? And if we’re seeing Nick guts, does that mean there’s a chance Glenn will survive this?


  • This one is about Glenn all the way, and to a less degree about Nicholas. Was Nicholas a lost cause? Yes, yes he was. Are we done here? No, not really. The whole point of Glenn as a character has been to remain human despite the brutality that surrounds him. While Rick can just decide to kill to be safe, Glenn will put his life out there. Is the show punishing him for it? It might seem so, or so are we being led to believe. There are many people like Nicholas in the world. But in an apocalypse situation, can we really risk it all for one person’s redemption? The skeptic in me says no, but Glenn is/was a believer in humanity.
  • Is Glenn dead? Many sites have already pointed out that he’s been Jon-Snow-ed here. The show wants us to believe he’s dead with a very slight marginal chance he’s going to somehow make it out alive. He uses the guts to mask his presence from the walkers. He slips underneath the garbage bin (I’ve heard that a lot but garbage bins don’t have large wheels). He could also slip inside the garbage bin (harder difficulty setting, safer results). Or he gets rescued. Say, by the Wolves? It’s all guesses.
  • I dread that the show might decide to take the long way around until we learn that Glenn is alive. On the other hand, if you worked this hard to make us believe he died I guess you can’t let the cat out of the bag the next episode, can you?
  • Rick has to take a pack of Wolves by himself. The two inside probably got headshots but the group outside is going to turn any second now. He has to move. And the RV seems to be busted. Also, his hand is cut. We go back to Rick learning to shoot with his other hand again.

That will do for now.