Spoilers only if you haven’t seen the previous season of any of these shows, in which case you shouldn’t be reading this yet.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)
  • September 21: Gotham, Season 2. Sorry but I’m skipping this one. I did follow the entire first season and it was an exercise in pure annoyance. Repetitive plots, throwaway character stories, and plenty of inconsistency even within each episode. Things went undone so often, you’d think they’d be taking blind stabs at making up a storyline. A lot of focus on name dropping and foreshadowing but very little plot development. Everyone else plays their role with the subtleness of a brick. The good parts rarely exceed a minute in length. You can see reveals coming a mile away. Too many characters stuck in Groundhog Day mode.
  • October 6: The Flash, Season 2. There’s plenty to expect from this series. My main concern is will this remain the happier, shinier version of the CW comic universe? I hope so. So many things happened as the first season (I still can’t believe it’s just the first season of this show) drew to a close that it feels like it’s been going on longer. The dynamic of STAR Labs will indeed change, and it’s hard to believe Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells / Reverse-Flash is not going to be there. Or not? I actually don’t know how this new season is going to be. Too many things are in the air, but that’s not the first time this show does that. It has improved tenfold since the baddie-of-the-week episodes.
  • October 7: Arrow, Season 3. We didn’t end in a cliffhanger. We ended on a happy ending. It was happy-ever-after last time. In a way, a cliffhanger is easier a knot to untangle than a happy-ever-after. Arrow’s last season had ups and downs but it was consistently… Okey, it was consistently depressing. Meaning, brooding Oliver would easily get in my nerves if he was all by his lonesome. Felicity is the obvious counterbalance, but it can’t be just those two. Counting a lot on Thea, Laurel and even Diggle to break up the broodfest.
  • October 11: The Walking Dead, Season 6 Now things get a little more serious. I’ve dodged the whole Fear The Walking Dead spinoff because… well, there’s just so much hours in the day. But for the original, I’ve got mixed feelings. We’ve done everything and go anywhere and I hope that what’s next will not be a reiteration of what we left behind. Yes, I know what’s next in the comics but that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s how it’s done that Walking Dead can sink, swim or fly.

That will do for now.

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