(Source: TBS Pictures)
(Source: TBS Pictures)

Ryuhei Kitamura directs the live action film based on the classic anime, Lupin The Third. You could call this a paint-by-numbers storyline, but there’s one element that somehow stays the same as its source: it’s fun.

Shun Oguri plays Arsene Lupin III, and I’m glad to say he hits the mark. Getting the smirk, the swagger, the careless freedom of gestures right is a challenge. I have to say he does a very good job. So does Tadanobu Asano as the crabby inspector Zenigata. Meisa Kuriko plays mysterious Fujiko Mine nailing both cute and seductive at the same time. Add to this Tetsuyi Tamayana as an almost carbon copy of Jigen and one surprise: Go Ayano shines as the stoic badass samurai Gaemon. The side characters are a bit of a hit and miss, but the core cast is very close to a perfect fit.

The storyline, if you must know it, is of course our familiar gang having to join forces to bring down someone who has betrayed. Along the road, we get some scenes taken right out of the comic. There’s a scene in which Lupin and Jigen are running away with bags that are literally bursting with cash. The moment they get into a very familiar car… well, you have to see this one with the right crowd. Also, don’t miss Gaemon going against a Humvee.

Recommended as a light action comedy movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fans of the Lupin The Third anime will be particularly thrilled. If you are unfamiliar with the source, I’d say go check the anime first. It’s just more fun that way.

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(Sources: Fantasia International Film Festival)