(Source: Filmkameratene A/S)
(Source: Filmkameratene A/S)

We’re gonna do what they say, can’t be done…

There’s a good old fashioned race along Norway’s coastline in Børning. Director Hallvard Bræ brings us a delightful car duel between two old rivals. But for old school muscle car racer Roy, life is catching up with him. He can’t seem to outrun his responsibilities with his young daughter, who’s a car enthusiast herself. To make things more fun, everyone else who has a car wants in.

With top notch stunts, incredible jumps and souped up muscle cars, I was glad to see this crazy car race owes more to old school movies like Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run than the modern Fast and the Furious. You can even expect a little good old fashion game of cat and mouse with the police, who’s trying to desperately stop the race. It’s a race to the finish line, where the law might just be waiting to put everyone on cuffs but dammit, it might just be worth it.

It’s just one of those strange movies where a group of friends who have gotten old together rekindle the glory days with one last hurrah. Somehow you feel a little vindicated in raising a middle finger to the authority and revving up the engine as you blast past the poor traffic cam. There’s a part of you that understands this is just a fantasy, and you’d never throw away all your life for one last blaze of glory. But that’s what movies are for, you leave your reality behind and for a while you ride like the wind.

Recommended for nostalgic purposes. I’d suggest leaving the car at home, driving after watching this movie might be a hazard. It’s nice, and it’s cute but it might need a little of that old suspension of disbelief. Yes, some of those stunts would have just ended up with a wrecked vehicle, but that’s hardly the point. You might want a little more action and explosions than what the film has to offer. It’s a little light on the action for an action movie. The conclusion is not bad, but I expected a little more of a satisfying finale.

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