Series Issues: Penny Dreadful 2×8 – Memento Mori

(Source: Showtime)

(Source: Showtime)

Spoilers will rise.

Sorry to start this way but Penny Dreadful 2×8: Memento Mori might simply have my favorite moment yet. I’m talking about that scene with Lily and John Clare in which the supposed monster finds himself thrown about like a lifeless dead mouse. I know I’m jumping ahead but I don’t give a rat’s ass, Caliban has been put in his place as second in Creature hierarchy and Lily is calling the shots. Oh yeah, spoilers are about. Mind your step. Simply put we get two storylines in this episode, and zero Vanessa Ives. It’s strange that I love an episode that is Ives-less and I’m sure I’ll reconsider my choices again later, but caution to the winds and all that, this episode finally payed off for Lily Frankenstein.

(Source: Showtime)

(Source: Showtime)

First off, we get Sir Malcolm Murray. First, he gets a visit from Inspector Tusk where he starts recognizing that his memory about his own past is a little blurry. Then we also get a conversation with Victor who comes to him for advice regarding his love affairs. Eventually it all comes to a crossroad as Evelyn Poole does that voodoo thing with that eerie puppet and… Sembene finally gets to do something as he drags Malcolm into a room that they keep under lock and key – a room where Sir Malcolm’s memories seem to exist in such concentration that it shakes him out of his enchantment. You’d think Sir Malcolm would start strategizing as soon as he’d get his wits back. Nothing of the sort, he loads his automatic and rampages into Evelyn Poole’s house of horrors. Bad move there. I expected a little more of the veteran hunter than trying to go Rambo on a witches’ coven.

(Source: Showtime)

(Source: Showtime)

Meanwhile, Victor gets threatened by John Clare who once again states Lily is his property. Dr. Frankenstein has a lot of issues, but at least he’s letting Lily pursue her life. Which apparently involves killing strange men she picks from bars, but one must have a hobby, right? Oh yeah wait, murder… Anyhow, Lily and Dorian are once again seen by Caliban who awaits Lily to finally confront her about… his rights to her? God freaking dammit. Lily tries to avoid the self-named poet until she basically stands her ground and lets him know she will not kneel to any man. Then she flings him around like a sack of potatoes. Seems somehow, Lily is stronger than the first Frankenstein creation, who knew? Cue a scared Caliban almost crying on the floor as Lily explains how she is going to take him as a mate, not the other way around, how she has figured out what was done to her and finally, how they will kill Victor.

In another place, Angelique discovers Dorian Gray’s portrait and we see it for the first time. Dorian’s first order of business, killing Angelique with a poisoned drink. Unfortunately, this takes the episode off from my favorite list but still, huge developments all around.


  • Lily Frankenstein is now top dog, and Caliban is not going to be calling the shots. Lilly manhandling Caliban like a rag doll.
  • Sir Malcolm is a prisoner in Evelyn’s Haunted Mansion. He’s about to face all his ghosts at once: Peter, Mina and Gladys.
  • Angelique dies. Is Dorian an ally, an enemy or a self-serving douche bag? My money is on the last choice.
  • Bravo for Lily, but what does this mean for her and Victor? She seems determined to stay in London.
  • Everyone is in danger now. Seems Vanessa will have to come back and save everyone’s throats.

That will do for now.

(Source: Showtime)

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