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(Source: Showtime)

Spoilers will emerge. From a pool of blood. Possibly with bat wings.

It’s something I would expect in this show, but still Penny Dreadful 2×6: Glorious Horrors keeps it civil for the most part. Ok I’m still not over that muppet scene but hopefully there will be no more… Dammit, spoke too soon. Evelyn Poole snips a lock of hair from Sir Malcolm to deposit atop an eerily facsimile of recently widowed gentleman. No happy with this terrifying development, we’re also made to gaze as Evelyn reveals a working diminute heart on the inside. This is not exactly Jim Henson’s workshop we’re talking about here.

Her attentions (no, not her affections by a long shot, I’m talking about her drugging him via sting-ring not to mention her incarnations) have had a very entrancing effect on Sir Malcolm. When he barely reacts to the news of Gladys’ death, it’s Sembele who immediately lets them know that this is not Sir Malcolm by a longshot. Ethan and Vanessa look alarmed, but don’t really do anything about it.

Dorian Gray has fallen over heels with Angelique, but one wonders if it’s really the person that Mr. Gray loves or just the novelty and the idea of scandal. Whatever it is, it entices him to proclaim it’s time for Angelique to make a grand entrance into society. Dorian wants to organize a grand ball. Does Angelique? I’m not sure. I think Angelique decides to humour him by accepting it. Invitations are delivered. Dorian personally delivers one to Vanessa Ives, along with one verbal invitation to Victor. When Vanessa tells Malcolm about the invitation, he’s considering trimming his beard (OMG Evelyn Poole has gone too far!) and wants to come along.

Surviver Pinkerton Roper also appears at Malcolm’s place to threaten Ethan Chandler. “Nice trick you got there,” he teases. He knows. He’s keeping it to himself to cast a shadow on Ethan. He’s not having it, but Roper also threatens to scalp every person underneath Sir Malcolm’s roof. This has shaken Ethan to the core. Ethan also attends the Wax Museum to look upon the staged version of the Mariner’s Inn Massacre. Here has a run in with Inspector Rusk, whose barbs seem to fall into deaf ears, although that mention of wolves appears to hit home. Suffice to say, he’s not in the mood for a ball.

The ball is the main core of this episode, complete with period dancing and costumes galore. Dorian Gray and Angelique make a grand entrance. Victor dances with wide-eyed Lily. It’s all a fairy tale until both couples run into each other and Dorian asks Lily to dance. Cue an enthralled Dorian, who swears he’s met her before, and a charmed Lily, who seems to remember the room. On the sidelines, the Doctor and Angelique are seething with jealousy. Victor specially seems ready to go, but fortunately Miss Vanessa Ives arrives, without an escort, ready to placate the situation.

Sir Malcolm and Evelyn Poole are also dancing about, oblivious to anybody. Or at least Sir Malcolm is. Evelyn exchanges a few words with Vanessa, words that mean nothing and everything. it’s a conversation that is both polite and has the undercurrents of a battle boiling underneath. Has Vanessa identified, or I perhaps should say recognized, her tormentor?

Lyle throws caution to the wind and decides to take Miss Ives away from the ball. I’m not sure she detects his urgency, but decides to say goodbye to Doctor Frankenstein first. Victor is having a tiff with Lily, which makes me think Vanessa really wants to stop that. Instead, she’s the one that ends up in danger as Evelyn’s daughters close in – or appear to do so. Soon enough, the room spins and blood rains down from the ceiling. But it’s all on Vanessa’s head, and she faints from the psychic attack. At least Victor stops his scolding of Lily to see to her.

Back at Malcolm’s place (which I’m sure has a name based on its address but I can’t remember what it is! Argh!) Ethan Chandler asks Sembene to chain him to the wall in the basement. Then he asks him to sit on chair out of reach and observe. With the moonlight coming in droves, he turns into a werewolf.

It does seem we’re dragging on a bit now. A couple of episodes ago, we were ready for battle. Now everyone’s socializing. Seems war has been forgotten and romance is in the air.


  • Lily may be naive and innocent, but Victor is at fault for not knowing the rules of society. You can expect her to make a faux pas, but Victor is at fault of not controlling his emotions. He’s smitten with her, but his affection is awkward, like a teenager who didn’t go through puberty. Because of that, he’s unable to tell that the more he tries to control her the sooner he’ll lose her.
  • Inadvertently, Miss Ives reveals she’s met John Glare/Caliban/the Creature. Does that give Victor the advantage?
  • John Clare has a scene with Lavinia Putney, in which she finds his hand is cold. Putney stalks from the shadows, making us believe his plans for Caliban may not require the Creature’s approval. Not much a fan of John Clare right now, but he’s bound to clue in to what’s going on between Victor and Lily on the next encounter… Unless by the time they meet again, Lily has given up on Victor. Lily might be better off on her own.
  • Dorian, that’s low. You become fascinated with Lily during the party you’re throwing for Angelique.
  • One wonders what side with Sir Malcolm be fighting on when the battle comes.
  • Does everyone need glasses or their memory is really that bad? Vanessa should have discovered Evelyn Poole back when she was posing as Madame Kali. Evelyn should have recognized her too, or given a sign that she did during the seance episode back in Season One. Vanessa Ives should recognize Lily as Brona, although at least Dorian finds her familiar. There was obviously a rewrite of the character of Madame Kali after the first season. Unless Evelyn’s magic and Frankenstein’s mad science are to blame, it seems a few characters should be recognizing each other. At least, Vanessa’s keen eye of all people, should have had a hint of recognition when she met Lily.

That will do for now.

(Source: Showtime)