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(Source: Showtime)

Spoilers will show up wearing corsets.

Okey, they won’t. I’m running out of ways of introducing the spoilers. So, what do we got on Penny Dreadful 2×5: Above the Vaulted Sky this week? Well, first of all the puppets come back. Scariest thing on the show so far and yes, I’m aware we see demonic possession day in and day out but have you seen those wooden faces? Brr.

We all knew that Evelyn Poole wanted that hair to complete her Vanessa Ives voodoo doll. We also learn that she has made a demo for Gladys Murray with the intention of eliminating her rival. How exactly the long rods she inserts in her brain affect her, I will leave for you to find out. The Gladys doll achieves three things: it get rids of Sir Malcolm’s estranged wife, it sets the odds against Vanessa since now we know how deadly the effects are and finally it is downright scary as shit.

Ethan Chandler gets acquainted with Inspector Bartholomew Rusk from Scotland Yard. I was expecting an explanation on the magic statement from last week, but I guess Rusk is a mystery of his own. The survivor, Warren Roper, a Pinkerton agent, is still determined to find Ethan Chandler. Although Ethan manages to shake the police tail, Roper still manages to catch a view of him entering Sir Malcolm Murray’s house.

Victor and Caliban are at each other’s throat. Or at least Caliban is. As much as he wants to deny that Victor holds any control over him, the truth is he’s still getting easily psyched out by Dr. Frankenstein. You know the moment that “John Clare” forces Victor to have some time alone with Lily, he’s already setting himself up for failure. Lily is obviously uncomfortable around the creature, mainly because of the awkward advances. Victor is a different kind of awkward when he introduces Lily to Vanessa. It’s obvious to anybody that Victor is smitten with Lily just as much as Lily is trying to make him proud. It’s a sort of My Fair Lady kind of vibe. Perhaps I should find a more contemporary reference…

Vanessa is not entirely safe on Sir Malcolm’s home despite the added locks, hard steel door and guns that have been added. She chooses to sleep in Ethan’s room one night. There’s a hint that there might be an attraction between these two but they might actually feel too much like kindred souls to act on it. On the other hand Vanessa has no problem teaching John Clare how to dance when she runs into him again at the shelter. Still, it feels like a very awkward place for a dance lesson.

Angelique and Dorian run into some very rude high class types that make unsavory comments about Angelique. One even spits on her. Dorian is about to go victorian on their asses, but Angelique stops him. Later on, Angelique dons man’s clothing to Dorian’s dismay who just wants Angelique to be the person Angelique wishes to be.

The episode ends up in massive hook ups. Sir Malcolm Murray, stung by another of Evelyn’s rings, is no doubt left with his defences down and takes Evelyn to a hotel. Victor and Angelique make love. Lily gets scared by thunder and crawls into Victor’s bed.


  • Victor and Lily are a couple, they’ve just not accepted it before. Even when Victor tells Caliban to just take Lily and walk away from his life, he’s obviously playing an angle, and preventing that from happening. Still, strangely interesting couple they make. The awkward afternoon tea scene with Miss Ives was perfect.
  • Vanessa clears up John Clare’s name as a poet and they share some poetry. Sorry, this scene didn’t work for me. Perhaps I like songs more than poems, perhaps I just can take John Clare’s “dark and tortured” persona so far.
  • The scene with John Clare/Caliban demanding that Victor produce Lily was another reason I don’t like Caliban. Yes, Victor is manipulative and sneaky but has feelings for Lily. John however is patronizing and considers Lily his property, taking it for granted she will end up with him in the end. For Victor, Lily is a woman he’s got feelings for. For John, Lily is to be delivered to him. Lily gets to decide here.
  • The death by madness of Gladys Murray. Don’t ever get in the way of something Evelyn Poole wants, not even for a moment.
  • The mansion gets the fortress treatment, both in security and in spiritual strength. Lyle does his own religious ritual. I expected Sembene to do more here.
  • Dorian and Angelique need to run into Miss Ives.

That will do for now.

(Source: Showtime)