(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)
(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)

Spoilers are about as we close in on the last episodes.

A dangerous revelation for  Arrow 3×22: This Is Your Sword. There’s a plan. Oliver has had a plan all along. Which means all the things he’s done, he’s done to convince Ra’s Al Ghul of his loyalty. He’s apparently willing to go forth wedding Nyssa. She’s not happy about it, and she’s already stolen a knife to use later. Ra’s not letting her off the hook.

Oliver has only made Malcolm aware of his plans. I know that Malcolm might sometimes seem level-headed but his priorities are all over the place. At Oliver’s request, Malcolm brings in someone from his past: Tatsu, still alive. If at this point you haven’t figured it out, Tatsu and Maseo lost Akio to the virus. Now we know why Maseo went crazy and joined the League. There, backstory done. Ok, they capture General Shrieve and in turn he captures them all.

Thea goes over to Roy aka Jason (is that a nod to DC’s Jason Todd aka The Red Hood?) to talk. In private. At his place. They don’t do much talking actually. Roy ends up leaving again and leaving her a letter saying that he has to keep moving and she has to go back. Oh, he also tells her to keep the red uniform because red is more her color. How long until Thea picks up the bow again?

Felicity goes over to visit Ray Palmer. She’s literally in there just for a moment before she leaves again. Ray has her sign some papers that are actually a transfer of ownership. Is Ray signing over something to her? Could it be the company?

Malcolm and Tatsu somehow convince Team Arrow to head to Nanda Parbat and take down the plane that will carry the virus/toxin to Starling City. They are intercepted by the League. Tatsu has donned her Katana mask and faces Maseo in a duel that finally brings their painful relationship to a close. Katana/Tatsu takes out Maseo/Sarab. As he dies, he thanks her for freeing him.

Felicity fails to hack the plane, but she has a backup plan. The Atom flies in and dogfights the fighter jet. With his weapons malfunctioning due to a missile explosion, Ray rams the ship’s tail. It works. The jet crashes, but Ray’s landing also is a bit more of a crash. He’s alive but they all get taken prisoner as Ra’s appears to let them know the plane was a ruse.

While everyone is held prisoner, Oliver takes John aside to let him know that he’s scheming with Malcolm. Unfortunately, he has lost John’s trust after kidnapping his wife. Meanwhile, Malcolm betrays Oliver with Ra’s.

Cliffhanger scene is as follows. Ra’s chooses to believe Olivier. Team Arrow (and Malcolm) are exposed to the virus. Felicity and Laurel scream at Oliver as he closes the door to their doom. With Ra’s presiding, Nyssa and Oliver are ready to be wed. Nyssa finally pulls the knife but Oliver blocks it. The wedding is going to happen.


  • When Felicity’s tablet is destroyed, she throws it to one of the assassins. The bad guy falls over. Felicity briefly celebrates until she discover the guy is dead because he got shot by arrows. “Oh, that makes more sense,” she whispers.
  • Although it’s hardly a good thing, the duel between Katana and Sarab (Tatsu and Maseo) is a fitting although tragic conclusion to their love story.


  • Is Laurel only allowed to use the Canary Cry once per episode? One would think she’d used it against the League.
  • Oliver’s plan to get Ra’s on his side has alienated his friends. Ok, one would say it has also killed them but we know Team Arrow can’t possible be dead.
  • Season finale, approaching fast.

(Source: The CW)