(Source: HBO)
(Source: HBO)

Spoilers are coming.

We’re getting close to setting the stage for bloodbath and in Game of Thrones 5×4: Sons of the Harpy, there doesn’t seem to be any place safe under the sun. Actually the only person that I’m going to say is not in any immediate danger might curiously be Tyrion, who’s playing detective as he deduces correctly that his captor is Jorah Mormont. It seems that we’re getting some unlikely pairing all around Westeros and beyond.

We also get Jaime Lannister and Bronn as they land on Dorne’s coast to run into a patrol. Battle time. Bronn dispatches the first with ease and leaves one for Jamie to take on. Luckily, Jaime discovers a metal hand does have its uses. Unfortunately, the captain of the ship is captured and gives away his arrival to… the Sand Snakes! Enter Tyene (daggers), Nymeria (whip) and Obara (spear) trained by their father Oberyn in combat. Obara is obviously the one to watch out for.

Cersei is playing a dangerous game. She sends her Master of Coin, the talkative naive Mace Tyrell to Braavos to convince the Bank to trust the Crown. Meanwhile she’s trying to bring the High Sparrow to her side, and reinstates the Faith Militant. The result is a rise of dangerous fanatics that go around enforcing justice, which means killing those who they find sinful. Lancel Lannister has fully embraced becoming a Sparrow and he imprisons Margaery’s brother, Ser Loras Tyrell. Margaery doesn’t take it lightly but although Tommen’s heart is in the right place, he’s got no backbone. When Cersei just tells him to go free Ser Loras, Tommen is unable to order the King’s Guard to action.

In a similar vein, Queen Daenerys still believes she can control the city, but the Sons of the Harpy are busy taking out both the Second Sons and the Unsullied left and right. Grey Worm himself ends up trapped in a corridor, hurt and ready to fall along his comrades. Ser Barristan Selmy comes to his rescue. The former Lord Commander of the Kingsguard proves to be quite a match, taking down a lot of his enemies but is eventually cut down. The killing blow is spared by Grey Worm who manages to kill the last one before he collapses along a bleeding Ser Selmy.


  • When Maester Pycelle remarks to Cersei that the Small Council keeps growing smaller, Cersei quips is almost a hiss: “Not small enough.”
  • Melisandre tempts Jon Snow at the wall. When he refuses, with obvious difficulty, her parting words are of course: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”
  • The Sand Snakes!


  • We get only one glimpse of Sansa and Littlefinger. Petyr Baelish going back to King’s Landing? Is that going to actually happen? Most important, what is to become to Sansa? Can she handle the Boltons? Littlefinger is severely underestimating Ramsay Bolton. Hopefully Sansa doesn’t.
  • Cersei seems blind to what the Faith Militant can do, same as Daenerys is blind to the Sons of the Harpy. While Cersei is feeding what may become her worst nightmare, Daenerys is doing the same by not placating her subjects. Both enemy groups are growing in size to topple their rulers.
  • Are we taking the buddy cop pair a little too far? Now we have Jaime and Bronn in Dorne and Tyrion and Jorah on a boat to Meereen. Let’s not forget Brienne and Podrick are still out there.

That will do for now.

(Source: HBO)