(Source: Marvel)
(Source: Marvel)

Major spoilers will be dodged.

Ms. Marvel #13 brings us back to the micro universe of Jersey City, which seems to have a comic world flavor all of its own. Kamala’s own world is expanding, as we are introduced to a new possible romantic interest, one that has (gasp!) paternal approval. So, who is Kamran? Is he a little too perfect? Could it be there’s more than meet than eye? Am I making it a little too obvious that there is?

But soon enough, an impromptu date happens and Kamala’s brother Aamir is chosen to chaperone. The date gets promptly interrupted by new electric-powered villainess Kaboom. Kamala rushes in to save the day, but the aftermath might be one she won’t soon forget.

Strongly recommended.

(Source: DC)
(Source: DC)

I’m late to the party in reviewing the new Secret Six. Catman, Big Shot, The Ventriloquist (the new one, Shauna Belzer), Strix, Porcelain and Black Alice (half Zatanna, half Etrigan) are locked in a box under the sea.  That’s all we know for now.

Thomas Blake aka Catman is an extraordinary hand-to-hand melee fighter, a known pre-New 52’s rogue. He’s the first character we are introduced to via flashbacks to his “recruitment”. Porcelain can shatter almost any substance. Big Shot can alter his mass to hulk-like proportions. Strix is the renegade talon from the Court of Owls, already introduced on the pages of Batgirl. Also from Batgirl, we get Shauna Belzer as The Ventriloquist – who animates her eerie “partner”, Ferdie, the doll. Finally, there’s Black Alice who we’ll soon learn has a bit of an alter ego.

We’re only two issues in. The team is slowly starting to band together, at least to try to escape their prison. Apparently, they are still bound by a yet-to-be seen mastermind who urges them to answer the ominous “What Is The Secret” question.

Recommended with reservations. It’s nothing too fancy yet. We’ve yet to see things in motion.

(Source: Image - Skybound)
(Source: Image – Skybound)

Finally this week I did wanted to have a peek at a certain comic that started last year. Lucky me, we get the first five issues in the Birthright Vol. 1 collected edition. Mikey is a regular kid, playing ball with his dad until he disappears. For a year. But for him, a longer time passes.

After a year the family has disintegrated. Parents Aaron and Wendy are separated and close to a divorce. Aaron has even been suspected of killing his son and developed a drinking problem. Mikey’s brother Brennan is getting into fights at school. They are all suddenly summoned at the police precinct because they’ve found someone to claims to be Mikey… but he’s much older, dressed in otherworldly medieval garb and carrying a ton of weapons that would put Conan the Barbarian to shame.

What follows is a tale of a different world, a sword and sorcery reality with winged beasts and unbelievable creatures. Not all monsters are evil and not all humans are allies. I don’t want to say too much, suffice to say that there’s adventure to be had both in Mikey’s past and present.

Heavily recommended if you like fantasy, but don’t expect things to be ‘nice’ just because of the genre. Fantastical takes a turn into a world that might more bloody, dark and gritty than ours.

That will do for now.

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