(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Light spoilers.

I don’t believe there’s much to spoil this week, but nevertheless you’d better watch the episode first. We get our first face value of Alexandria and things are looking up. There’s just a few things here and there that kinda stirred me.

That walk through the fence was immensely symbolic. The group is transported to a world where their survival skills seem to be… excessive. I don’t believe it will be that way. Aaron introduces them to Deanna Monroe, future past congresswoman who seems to be running for something. Smooth talkers always raise a flag in this show.

Deanna likes to video tape her interviews. This gives us a little too close to a reality show style confession on her armchair where we get to hear the thoughts of some of the group. The most eloquent is Rick, who warns her to keep her gates closed. That’s not just an advice.

It’s a nice break for the group who are suddenly regaled with houses, running water, showers and even haircuts. Things are somehow run smooth. Too good to be true? Too good to last? Rick even has a good looking neighbor. Carl gets to meet some people their age. And both of them agree that the people inside are a bit too weak… It’s almost a parallel decision of each to go outside and kill some zombies. Was that for the heck of it, or did they need the rush?

Carol plays it so darn campy innocent that I couldn’t help but smile. Still, great play on her part to keep her cards close to the vest and pretend she’s not a big player in the group. Daryl can’t keep his cool and sticks to his guns – ok those he hands over, but no way someone is taking the crossbow from him.

It’s a good slow episode in which things suddenly seem to look amazing. Then Glenn, Noah and Tara are taken out by Aiden and his sidekick on a supply run which is them trying to taunt a walker because every community needs a douchebag. Of course it ends with a loose walker getting killed at the hands of Glenn and Tara. Without even a thank you, Aidan picks a fight with Glenn and ends up knocked on his ass. Before that becomes and all out brawl that Daryl is happy to jump into, Deanna and Rick break up the skirmish.

Deanna wants Rick to be Alexandria’s constable. Rick puts on the uniform, gets a smile from the team and as he walks out onto his porch, he’s joined by Carol in her caretaker getup and Daryl still dirty from the road. It’s like he’s talking to his lieutenants: Carol, who’s playing the part, and Daryl, who’s keeping his distance. And he tells them they’ll stay and not become weak. And if the people of Alexandria can’t cut it, they’ll just take over.


  • When Rick tells Deanna not to open her gates, Deanna asks him if she should let Rick’s group in. When he elaborates on people looking for an angle, to exploit every weakness, that’s basically what the survivalists will do to the Alexandrians if they judge them too weak. So, Rick has just told her what they’re doing. Cool as a narrative, a bit naive strategically speaking.
  • The father-and-son moment when Rick and Carl meet outside and immediately get ready to take down some walkers.
  • Carol playing innocent mother figure. When she comes out dressed like Julie Andrews, Daryl mocks her. She tells him to go take a shower or she’ll hose him when he’s asleep.
  • Glenn taking down Aidan, because Glenn can be a cool guy and a badass all in one.
  • Enid, a girl recently taken in by the Alexandrians who Carl meets when he visits Jessie’s house, is also a recent arrival. Carl follows her when she climbs over the fence. Is Enid simply still not used to life inside or is she scouting the place out for another faction?
  • Rick goes back to the pile of trash where he hid his gun and it’s gone. That might mean there’s someone out there roaming around Alexandria.
  • It’s not a coincidence that Deanna decided to bring in Rick’s group. The only reason while Alexandria might need a group of survivalists and need Rick as sheriff is because they need protection against something more than just walkers. I think we’re closing into something – and someone.


  • Blah on the reality style confessional video. I could’ve done without that.
  • If Alexandria is the way it is, it may be what our tired group needs. However, it’s true that too much trust in those walls could make them weak. The group needs to keep their identity. Alexandria might need them more than they need this place.

That will do for now.

(Source: AMC)