(Photo: Jessica Miglio / FOX Networks)
(Photo: Jessica Miglio / FOX Networks)


Alternative title: Falcone’s Legacy.

Just so you’re aware, these are no longer full recaps but spare commentary. I’ve been disappointed by this series a little bit too many a time, but fortunately for the most part this episode actually works out a few things. First off, it leaves off the Wayne Manor denizens for once. Selina Kyle and Ivy make a few appearances for little to no reason, but at least they don’t get in the way of the plot. The show still doesn’t know what to do with Barbara Keen so Montoya breaks it up with her and she ends up in her aloof parents’ mansion.

What about Gordon? Well, for once the officer turned security guard and back to detective again, is playing the wild card more than the boy scout. However, I’m completely with Bullock when Gordon says, “I’m done being careful” and Harvey replies, “CAREFUL. You think that you’ve been CAREFUL?”

Morena Baccarin is apparently a mainstay in the cast as Dr. Leslie Thompson. She makes for a hell of a more grounded character than Barbara. By the way, what the hell was that phone call from Barbara? The whole thing with Gordon not even knowing that Barbara has left him and Barbara thinking Jim has another woman at his place sounds a little too much like a story line from Three’s Company.

Escaped convict Gruber from last week shows up now in full gear as the Electrocutioner. We also finally get the Commissioner visiting the police station. If you can’t tell I’m not to keen on doing a full recap thing with Gotham anymore. Just pointing out random stuff. The plot is basically catching the crazy guys, but there was another more engaging story in this madcap episode.

Mainly, the whole Fish Mooney move on Don Carmine Falcone is finally set into motion. I have to give it to the show, they almost made me feel like Falcone was getting muscled out of town. Except that he wasn’t and something tells me even without the Penguin’s snitching the Don would have figured it out eventually. As it happens the fake kidnapping of Liza is blown right open and Liza finally ends her involvement with Falcone. I’m not a big fan of the Darth-Vader-hands-on approach that Falcone takes. I also think Oswald could’ve come up with something a little more sinister than “Hello Fish” to say in the end. But they’re all details, the whole story was interesting.

Since I said Liza’s execution could’ve been done better, I’m going to apologize beforehand if this becomes dark but I’m going to give you examples. In previous episodes, have Liza cut flowers with the same pair of shears. Then have Falcone stab her with them. Or have Liza use a particular scarf. Have Falcone bring the scarf and strangle her with it. I’m just saying put a little poetry into her killing. Too much? Do I need to be committed into Arkham?

Overall, an improvement from other episodes. Not holding my breath for the series to turn around but we’ll see what we get now that it has been renewed.


  • Focus on the mobster and the fight for the throne of Falcone.
  • Gordon improves oodles as he plays the commissioner to gain back his badge and seems a little wilder and more alive doing so. Bullock remains the same, which is still a little better than Gordon. Jim’s gotta catch up.
  • Falcone, Mooney and Cobblepot were good. Oswald was a little cartoonish during the first half. I didn’t care for Moroni this episode.
  • Rest for Bruce and Alfred. They’ve been a little overused. Nice to see they took a break.
  • Harvey Bullock’s remark to Gordon’s “careful” comment. I’m with Bullock there. Gordon still has a long way to go.
  • Dr. Leslie Thompson is a recurring character. Here’s hoping she doesn’t just become Jim’s girlfriend. If you know your comics, you know Dr. Thompson has saved Bruce/Bats a few times.
  • Gruber was decent as the mastermind behind the killings and his Electrocutioner shlock wasn’t that lame, unlike the usual baddie of the week from the previous episodes.


  • Why did Barbara and Montoya hook up only to break up again? Don’t use dramatic license without logic, it cheapens the relationship. Do we know what we want to do with Barbara at all? The show doesn’t seem to know.
  • Gordon did improve but I’m not letting him off the hook, he’s still below average on being a fully fleshed character. Dr. Leslie Thompson might help or might turn into a new girl-that-waits-for-Gordon-in-bed. Let’s not. Let’s make both Leslie and Jim into interesting characters in their own right.

That will do for now.

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