I could’ve done without the voice over. I mean, I guess we have to remind the audience, but who doesn’t know what Star Wars is? That being said, the escalation into the music including the Mil- wait… Watch it first. Then we talk.

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I loved the X-Wings racing on water and a certain modified Corellian freighter flying overhead. The voice over was blah. Saying “Awakening” is kind of hammering the title in, unnecessary. I’m a bit neutral on the lightsaber with the cross hilt. The rolling droid needs context. Overall I’m intrigued. J.J. Abrams seems to have a good grasp on taking this new saga to new (and old) grounds.

You can’t expect Star Wars not to be campy, that’s what it is. You can’t expect it not to be Hollywood (the first one ever might have flown under the indie banner back in the 70s, not this one!). Star Wars is just pure mainstream pop culture. What I do expect it to be is entertaining, and hopefully – just hopefully – have the potential to inspire a new generation. Without forgetting of course, to give some nods to us old Star Wars nerds who loved this stuff enough to make it popular in the first place.

That will do for now.