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(Source: FOX Networks)

Some spoilers will come to light…

Same time, same channel and it’s time for Gotham 1×03: The Balloonman. This week we’ve got a vigilante on the streets, although it’s hardly anything close to what the brooding young millionaire at Wayne Manor will become. I’m going for an overall storyline rather than a detailed recap because I think the series is really trying. Whether it’s getting where it wants to be still remains to be seen.

From last week’s cliffhanger, we once again get Selina Kyle with Jim Gordon. In this revisit to Crime Alley, Gordon will find proof that “Cat” was there, but unfortunately she won’t stick around. There’s an important detail here. Selina reveals she didn’t saw his face until he dropped the mask later. That reconciles things a bit, because we never saw that. Unfortunately Gordon loses the young thief.

(Source: FOX Networks)
(Source: FOX Networks)

Oswald Cobblepot returns to Gotham and steadily tried to climb the ladder from nothing to something again. He’s started at the lower rung, but as he gets made by a punk, he proves he’s become more than a sniveling sidekick as he starts taking out obstacles in its way. He also manages to get a job at a restaurant and run into Falcone’s competition: Salvatore Maroni (David Sayas), also a comic book character. Apparently Oswald is going to jump up a few notches.

Montoya once more meets with Barbara Kean, and we learn that they were involved in the past and Montoya still has lingering feelings for her. It’s a good character development for Barbara because more often than not she only appears jumping out of bed or waiting to get into bed with Jim. Now here’s a challenge for the writers, can we get her out of the house?

gotham-103mSpeaking about two of the most famous GCPD detectives, Montoya and Allen finally talk to Fish Mooney. She has no trouble in letting them know that Gordon is behind Oswald’s “murder” as well as pointing to Falcone.

I’m really trying to get past Jada’s persona and see Fish, but it’s not easy. Falcone and Mooney get into another one of those tense “we’re talking nice but we’re really threatening each other” conversations that we already did last week. Something new has to happen here.

(Source: FOX Networks)
(Source: FOX Networks)

The proverbial balloonman of this episode is a man that ties corrupt people in places of authority to weather balloons that float away and eventually burst. Of course we get the usual takes of people in the street supporting him on TV. He first appears with a pig mask (no, he’s not Professor Pyg but I guess it’s a bit of a shoutout) and then with a black hat and a cloak (kinda like The Shadow). In the end, no surprise, he’s caught and it’s a bit disappointing.

The saving scenes for this episode actually come from Bruce and Alfred. We even get them practicing some swordplay. Alas, Alfred discovers the young master has been looking into his own parent’s murder case. So, will Bruce be able to solve his parent’s murder during the series? I think not, but it would be nice if he was to point out a clue to Gordon before the first season is over.

It’s another cliffhanger ending and I’ll let you find this one out for yourself. I felt it was a little too soon, but at least it was completely unexpected. It also has a lot of potential to change the dynamics of the show, specially at Gordon’s level which is where it really needs it.


  • Bruce and Alfred easily were a lot more interesting this week. I like the fact that the show didn’t feel the need to do the “Gordon visits Wayne Manor” again. After all, is there anybody watching the show that doesn’t know who Bruce Wayne is?
  • We finally learn that Montoya and Barbara share a past. We already knew that. I feared that the series was going to keep that “as a secret” forever when it was obvious since the first scene. That would’ve been pointless.
  • Bullock getting beat up. I know it was a bit cheap, but I found it funny to see him just calling out for Jim.
  • Oswald is back in Gotham and he’s climbing (or perhaps we want to say descending) the organized crime ladder.
  • The final scene’s cliffhanger will definitely impact Jim and Barbara and change the dynamics of the show.


  • Carmine Falcone and Fish Mooney once again threaten each other in a scene that was straight out of last week. We need something new for them to do. I don’t want to see this every single week.
  • Get Barbara out of the house. She needs to show she does something more than being half-dressed.
  • Yes, Bruce and Alfred were amusing this week. But they could really easily take center stage if Gordon and Bullock start slipping into the same routine. This means Gordon and Bullock need better stories otherwise the focus is going to slip from them. I’m not saying stop showing us Wayne Manor, I’m just saying GCPD needs a lot more juicier stories.
  • The Balloonman is Gotham’s first vigilante and as it turns out, not much of a threat once captured. Also, why does Gordon decides to grab onto him as he floats away instead of just shooting the balloon himself? I know they do it this way for dramatic license, but shooting it was the only thing he needed to do.

That will do for now.

(Source: FOX Networks)