Series Issues: Gotham 1×02 – Selina Kyle

(Source: FOX Networks)

(Source: FOX Networks)

Spoilers will rise.

One of the amazing advantages that Gotham has as opposed to a series like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is that it does not need exist in the same universe. What some consider a disadvantage is actually its strength. It can flex it muscles and move about unrestricted. That being said, they really need to rein in the foreshadowing.

In the second episode, Gotham 1×02: Selina Kyle, we get a little heroic plot where kids are being kidnapped by quirky henchman and henchwoman working for the Dollmaker. That name should stir some memories, as that character has had a few incarnations. We never get to meet him, but it says a lot that we’re starting to hear these names this early. I wonder how much of Bats’ rogues gallery will be at full steam before the first season is over.

Taking a bit more of the spotlight this episode is the young “Cat” aka Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) a 13-year old thief to be that seems to already have some of the gymnastics from her comic counterpart. Cat doesn’t trust cops but makes an exception for Detective Jim Gordon.

(Source: FOX Networks)

(Source: FOX Networks)

Gordon and Bullock might be after the trail of the kidnappers, but they have to watch their own backs and they must wander once more into Fish Mooney’s territory. Mooney has to deal with a not-so-subtle threat from mafia boss Carmine Falcone.

Meanwhile, the surprisingly resilient Oswald Cobblepot is making his way back to town. He hitches a ride from two frat boys, kills one and tries to get a ransom for the other. It’s a bit of villain’s journey that we’ll see him embark upon. He’s quite an interesting character to watch.

Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya are trying to discover clues from his disappearance. They don’t get much from Gertrud Kapelput, Oswald’s eccentric mother played by Carol Kane, but we do – she’s one of the best casted background characters so far. Hopefully this is a recurring role.

(Source: FOX Networks)

(Source: FOX Networks)

The break in the case comes via Edward Nygma. I know that at this point I have to accept this is actually The Riddler. I was hoping this would be his father instead. Anyhow, Gordon and Bullock track the kidnapping drug back to the lair where the kids are held and manage to free them. The main hench-couple escapes.

Once again it’s time for Major Aubrey James (Robert Kind) to provide a speech. This time also we get the first confrontation between him an Gordon in Captain Sara Essen’s office.

I want to like Sara (Zabryna Guevara) but I can’t figure out if she’s part of the corrupt side of the system or not. As some kids are sent to foster homes, others are sent “upstate”, including anti-heroine Cat. The minions once again appear, take over the bus and are about to ship kids into containers.

Meanwhile, Gordon figures out a symbol of a fork is actually a trident logo and races over. He’s just in time to prevent Selina from getting shot from henchwoman. As Selina finally gets a chance to talk to Gordon, she finally reveals she’s the other witness to the Wayne murder.

(Source: FOX Networks)

(Source: FOX Networks)


  • Carol Kane as Gertrud Kapelput. You can believe Oswald changed his last name to sound less of a foreigner, but I would find much cooler to believe that Gertrud is affecting the accent and trying to pass herself as exotic. The crazier, the better, in this case.
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) and Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) dynamic is evolving. Young Bruce does that appearing out of nowhere thing already just so we can snicker. I first thought of it as a low (too soon) but you know what, I still enjoyed the writers throwing it in there.
  • Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) is rattled, and I did like the character a lot more this episode. Being on the edge of survival / extinction / promotion makes for a more interesting character.


  • I want to like Barbara Kean (Erin Richards), but I don’t like the way she’s used. We need to get her out of the tower and show her doing more stuff that just waiting in the couch for Jim. Yes, I know she went to the GCPD station on the first episode for half a minute. I know there’s a secret between her and Montoya that will eventually come out. Let’s show her having a life outside the house too.
  • The scene where Selina threatens a cop to denounce him as a molester if he didn’t do what she wanted was a bit revolting. Was this a hint at Catwoman’s future as a woman known to use sex as a weapon? It came across as really distasteful. I know she’s supposed to become a villain but please let’s not do that again?

That will do for now.

(Source: FOX Networks)

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