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(Source: BBC)

Spoilers on target.

There has to be some shenanigans in Doctor Who, so I know that at some point we had to make a stop for some bantering and humor relief. In the latest episode, Doctor Who 8×03: Robot of Sherwood, we get exactly that. It’s an altogether familiar premise. The Doctor asks Clara to pick a destination, any destination, and the answer is judged by him as ridiculous so he tries to talk her out of it. He never had a chance.

(Source: BBC)
(Source: BBC)

I didn’t quite buy into the whole adventure on this episode. If indeed we’re going to portrait Robin Hood as a historic figure turned legend, I would have expected less of a caricature portrayal. Not so. When the threat is revealed – robots searching for the Promised Land – I didn’t really feel a threat. I couldn’t help but side with the Doctor here and say bah, humbug.

Clara was good, enthusiastic and I really wanted to be as happy as her to be inside a legendary adventure but I would have been a little more excited if the rest of the characters had been edgier. Say for instance, a Robin Hood that doesn’t give to the poor and has to learn to be heroic from Clara and the Doctor. Something for them to do other than shoot an arrow. I’m not revealing the finale, but the premise of why the arrow has to be shot is a bit weak. I really wanted to like this episode, but it just fell flat for me.

No Missy tonight. We did get an on screen confirmation of the Promised Land as well as the doctor referencing the mechanical men from the season premiere.


  • Clara is getting good at making villains talk. She’s also good at taking charge.
  • The Doctor having impeccable aim is later revealed as a cheat. Homing devices are the kind of thing he would do. Also explains why the arrows actually explode in one scene when the sonic screwdriver is used on them.


  • I wasn’t fully onboard for the whole Robin Hood caricature feeling of this episode.
  • The golden arrow premise at the end.

That will do for now.

(Source: BBC)