Comics Review: Shutter #5, Trees #4, Ghosted #12 and Injustice: Year Two #20

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

Some spoilers included.

Image’s Shutter #5 brings us Kate Kristopher’s awkward encounter with her sibling little brother, Cris. Despite her reservations and the obvious likeness to her Dad, she can’t help but instantly bond to the dinosaur-loving kid. Kate has a kept a secret about her Dad’s ultimate fate that she’s never told a soul, and I won’t spoil that here.

I love the little details here and there. The book continues to tantalize us with Kate and Dad’s old adventures far beyond the reach of the imaginable. On the other hand, it has small charming moments like Kate explaining to her little brother how film projectors work.

Recommended but it might be an acquired taste. That only makes me want to recommend it more.

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

Warren Ellis is the man behind the plot of Image’s Trees #4. We’ve been introduced to Tain Chenglei and his guide Zhen, who is showing him the way around the city of Shu. Chenglei seems self-involved but he’s actually bright enough to open his mind to a more open culture, something that only this city with another mysterious Tree can provide.

Meanwhile in the Arctic research station next to yet another Tree, Marsh shows Sarah a new discovery regarding the flowers he’s been collecting. Seemingly unrelated, something’s happening in Somalia that might just escalate the whole interaction the world has with their Trees in a new scale.

Recommended with reservations. There’s a slow build up since this book started that might give us a huge payoff in the end or a huge disappointment. I’m willing to spend the time during the character and world building stages, but it’s a risk. You kind of expect a big reveal and a huge change of pace at some point but I’m enjoying the ride so far.

(Source: Image-Skybound)

(Source: Image-Skybound)

Before someone points it out, I’m aware Ghosted #12 came out last week. But then I was otherwise occupied so I couldn’t review it until now. The Image-Skybound title is fast becoming one of my favorites.

Our favorite criminal Jackson has been thrown in jail. He’s asked by the authorities to help on yet another ghost case via Oliver King, the guy who worked with him in the first case at the infamous Trask mansion. Along for the ride is also Nina Bloodcrow and new character Agent Creed, who knows more about Jackson’s past than everybody else. What the case is, we’ve yet to find out but I’m already intrigued.

Highly recommended as this is one comic that has yet to disappoint me. If the supernatural and the gory make you squeamish, you’d better avoid this one. On the other hand, someone in HBO, AMC or Netflix should really turn this into a new cable series.

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

Finally we get to our only big title DC Comics book this week with Injustice: Year Two #20. This week, the unlikely outcome of Commissioner Gordon’s trip to the Watchtower and a rare tender moment with Barbara. As Game of Throne-esque this comic gets it also has its heartache moments and this is one.

The art is sometimes brilliant and sometimes a little too detailed for my taste. I don’t need to see every line in Batman’s mask. We could get a little bit of shadows here and there from dramatic effect and a small dose of grittiness.

Lightly recommended as a what-if comic that takes plenty more risks that DC Comics’ regular line up.

That will do for now.

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