Comics Review: Batman Eternal #12, Injustice #12, Ms. Marvel #5, Invincible #112, Saga #20 & Fuse #5

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

Spoilers are included.

I love to be proven wrong. Batman Eternal #12 turns a new leaf and gets things back on track both in art and in storyline. Jason Bard might just prove he’s worth the trust that Gordon put in him and he’s got a plan that involves Batman. Bruce impersonates a prison guard for the chance to talk to Gordon. A little bit of fun here, how many of you figured out that was ol’ Bats before Gordon figures it out? Yeah, me too. The first day in court is pretty good. That opening statement was so good that I swear I’ve heard it somewhere else.

I resent the mentality of Bruce here as he thinks he needs to put Batgirl back in line. Yes, it’s something he would do but finally we also get to something that Batgirl will do as well. If she has to deal with the Red Hood, she’ll use him to his advantage. I still have an easier time buying that Jason would help Barb than believing he would ever answer a call from the Batcave’s main occupant though. The initial premise from last year was flawed, but the development is surprisingly much better.

We also get a bit of Harper Row and Tim Drake because… I guess we want everyone into the fray. Alfred’s daughter Julia is still about too. Too many cooks in the kitchen. How many issues until both Harper and Julia find out about everything? For Julia, I’d say one.

Recommended because I’m eating my pride here but I still have my reservations. Reminds me of when I had to review a good episode of Agents of SHIELD following a bad one and it felt like a Russian Roulette game as to what would come up next. This issue was actually amusing to read. Also, you can’t beat a well placed cliffhanger at Blackgate Penitentiary. Dammit, I’m chasing the Bat again…

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

The hits continue on Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year Two #12. This comic book long ago surpassed the expectations of being a video game tie-in. It’s the now the alternative timeline to follow and I wish DC’s current timeline was as good.

But alternate timeline or not, I hate to see Huntress and Batwoman used as generic Bat-soldiers here. Huntress has aided Bats on occasion, but she’s not the most social of heroines. She wouldn’t just stand in attention behind Gordon like that. Even in her most cooperative of moods, she’d be watching from the rafters. Batwoman would have a different plan altogether and not even be in the same place.

Superman (or perhaps I should call him this Superman) wins the day against the Green Lanterns of OA. Sinestro wants him to execute his prisoners but Hal and Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel) dissuade him of the idea. Sinestro calls off his Sinestro Corps for now while Supes collects rings from the GLs. However, Sinestro is allowed to stay by Superman’s side. Anybody else drawing parallels between Sinestro and Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger character?

Recommended. The storyline alone is worth it and it’s getting a lot better visuals than when it first started. I still have issues with the way that Supes is drawn.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

We’re going into fresh new superheroics with Ms. Marvel #5. The mission to rescue Vick from Doyle and the Inventor’s drones turns harder than Kamala thought. Announcing herself and just thinking she can brawl her way out didn’t work. The youngest of the Khans manages to escape the drones but faces the wrath of her parents. As Kamala says, it’s time to level up.

Training montage! Enter Bruno’s super-snot which is a kind of goo that apparently can be used as a very resistant fabric. This time Kamala seems to be ready to sneak in for a surprise attack. Vick is rescued and the legend of Ms. Marvel grows. We also get our first glance at Mr. Edison, aka the Inventor, who is a… Nah, you go ahead and see it.

Recommended with reservations. I loved how Kamala basically trains herself to a better hero. I’m not sure where we’re going to go with the villain here. Is that a mask or is that the way he looks? I’m not sure I could take him seriously either way. But so far this comic has not disappointed so I’m more than willing to give it a chance.

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

Invincible #112 gives us an almost all out war with Mark yet to join the fray. I’m all caught up with this series and I still can’t believe that Robot would go as far as he has last issue. This issue is completely over the top. He has completely gone to the other side and is taking down as many heroes as he can.

Robot calls on Amanda, aka Monster Girl. While he explains his theory of reforming the entire world, he is attacked and Amanda figures out he has started already. The result is that we get one last panel of Monster Girl in her monster form and it looks really final.

Recommended but as fun as it can be it also gets really dark. You either love Invincible or not, but if you’ve never heard of this comic I will strongly encourage you to start from the beginning since it’s a great ride.

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

Saga #20 is here and we’re still getting used to the new arc. Alana aka Zipless is still getting used to her new work and naively falls into trying a new drug. Marko seems to be completely worthless to take care of little Hazel so he resorts to the girl he met at the park, Ginny. He’s going by Barr, and he’s dangerously close to cheating on his wife now.

Meanwhile, Prince Robot IV is getting his freak on in Sextillion. He should really wake up at some point. Back at the Robot Kingdom, a plot against the royal family is put in place and the last Robot princeling in line is kidnapped.

Recommended. I know there are aliens of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether you can take a killer with a TV for a head seriously this series is really good.

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

And last but not least, The Fuse #5 reveals more shades to the murder mystery that has befallen on the space station. Klem Ristovych has been tailing her partner, Dietrich, before he decided to go into the cabler’s world. We finally learn that FGU means First Guys Up, the first people that decided to stay in the growing space station.

The mystery deepens as a video reveals more of the relationship between the Swanson brothers. Klem, who has initially gone to the mayor’s office to apologize, realizes there’s more here than what she has been told. Meanwhile, Dietrich is not getting much out of Miss Wolanski, but perhaps he’s chasing the wrong lead. At the Swansons, it all clicks for Klem a second too late.

Recommended if you really want to see what a procedural in space has the potential to become. The answer is really good, specially if you’re into detective stories with less emphasis on the gloss and more on the detective part of it.

That will do for now.

Coming up!

(Sources: Comixology)

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