Comics Review: Loki Agent of Asgard #5, Red Hood: The Lost Days & The Secret History of the Foot Clan

A bit of a mix and match this week. Oh, and spoilers might pop up.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

We start in Marvel with Loki: Agent of Asgard #5. This series is one of the best ones out there if you’re into the mischief of the Trickster. He’s got a crew to break into Asgard to break out Sigurd. Or that’s what he says. Verity Willis is on intel, Thor is the distraction and Lorelei is the key to get in. Getting out might be a work in progress. If you think everything goes as planned then I have a rainbow bridge to sell you.

This comic is my idea of fun. The dialog, the plot, the twists and turns are all that makes a great madcap story nuts. Hijinx will ensue and Loki will have to think on his feet, specially when the real purpose is revealed and he realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew. I know it’s all vague references here, but I’d be depriving you of a great story if I were to tell you what happens. That’s why this is a comic review and not close to a recap.

Highly recommended as one of the few things that came out this week that I was glad to read. I’m dropping subscriptions left and right. I might read up on Original Sin later on and give you another review, but they can be expensive. Hopefully the writers of Loki continue coming up with stuff as good as this one.

Regarding stuff that was new this week, that’s about all that I enjoyed reading. To make up for that, I got into a couple of digital collections.

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

The digital collection of Red Hood: The Lost Days came out this week, containing the full run of this comic book (#1-#6) from the pre-new-52 days. This is of course, the actual backstory of Jason Todd as he returns from the dead with no recollection of what has happened. Taken in by Talia under protest of her father, Ra’s Al Ghul, the former Robin starts a training regime that takes him around the world. This time, not learning how to fight – but how to hurt, maim and kill.

The comic book was written after Jason Todd’s return, after Hush but before the New 52’s retcon. It doesn’t address superhuman involvement, but stays grounded in Bat folklore. This is the new Jason Todd, reborn with a purpose and fiercely and forever divided from the rest of the Batcave dwellers. It’s a great story, but don’t expect a resolution. It’s an origin book, the birth of the new Red Hood.

Highly recommended, specially if you are a fan of the returned Jason Todd. Still works as canon in my not-so-humble opinion. Also serves to re-establish Jason Todd as a character in the DC Universe after his rebirth. To be honest, I never cared for him in his former life.

(Source: IDW Publishing)

(Source: IDW Publishing)

I’ve never followed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in comic form. I do like the concept of Shredder, who I understand was not their main nemesis until the cartoons and the movies came to be back in the 80’s. When IDW Publishing came out with The Secret History of the Foot Clan last year, I was intrigued. This week I decided to pick up the digital collection of this mini-series. We get the action in two timelines, one in modern times as a history professor uncovers a book with the secrets of the Foot Clan and one back in feudal Japan, filled with intrigue, ninjas, samurais and possibly a demon or two.

The story of Oruko Saki gets revamped and retconned a bit, with some colorful characters taking the stage. There is some Turtle action in modern times, as well as a lot of exposition but I found this enjoyable enough to follow along from beginning to end. I don’t think it will cause me to add the Turtles to my subscription list but it’s a fun ride.

Recommended, although I will say you have to be a bit into TMNT enough to get into the story. The book’s colors are a bit on the faded side which I though was fitting but they won’t jump out as much as the children’s cartoon would. Also, I’d say this is a bit for the older kids as we do get some stabby scenes specially back in the past.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology)

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