Comics Review: Ms. Marvel #4, Tomb Raider #4, The Fuse #4 and COWL #1

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

Might include spoilers.

Ms. Marvel #4 once more bring us Kamala Khan. If you haven’t jumped into this series yet, I’d seriously consider it. Basically adds a dosis of real people with backgrounds, cultures and personalities all clashing together. If you read the last issue, Kamala was shot and she will be ok, but explanations are still far to come as the nature of her powers.

Bruno will end up being the first that knows her secret and helps her form a new hero identity. It’s evidently a work in progress, but even as green as she is it’s refreshing to find out she’s actually a kid willing to help and jump with both feet. Of course that carries consequences at school, at home and with everyone that she knows.

Highly recommended. One added visual cue is that all characters have different body types, something I genuinely love. It’s not G.I. Joe’s and Barbies running around. Everyone is a different height and a different shape.

(Source: Dark Horse)

(Source: Dark Horse)

Tomb Raider #4 continues the plot of this sequel to the last video game. Lara has managed to avert those who would capture her but her friend Sam becomes a hostage. In this issue, Lara decides to reunite as best as she can the surviving team from the original ship Endurance and sail once more to the mysterious island of Yamatai.

To say that trip doesn’t go as planned is an understatement. If you’re squirming about the idea of jumping into a comic based on a video game, forget completely about it. This is an adventure storyline with enough thrills and mystery embedded to it that you feel like you’re reading a movie adaptation.

Recommended because it’s Gail Simone at her best making Lara Croft into a much deeper character than any movie ever did. As much trouble as Lara seems to be getting into, she seems to have someone helping her from the shadows. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it’s somebody she already knows.

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

The Fuse #4 is out and I have to hand it to the author because in four short numbers this police case has gotten really complicated. It’s a bit hard to follow if you jump in right now so I strongly encourage you to start from the beginning. You’ll catch on quick and then you can explain it all to me.

Klem Ristovych knows more (or suspects more) than what she’s sharing with her partner. She’s meeting someone in this issue that might or might not play a part – her son. There is a park in Midway City. I really thought everything was cramped up together. Ralph Dietrich on the other hand is not standing idle and decides to disregard the advice he’s been given and go deep into the world of the Cablers.

Recommended. It’s a police procedural in space. I love a comic with fictional slang, and this one has it. Everything’s compacted together in Midway so don’t expect flying cars or hologram ads Blade Runner style, but do expect dirty politicians and sci-fi-esque angles.

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

COWL #1 has had good reviews on other sites so I decided to jump in and see if Image had another winner in its hands. Honestly speaking, the writing is good but I’m not fully into the visual style yet. I am curious on where it’s going.

Basically it’s a superhero league dealing with its last enemy while the rest of society is starting to question whether they’re needed anymore. It feels like something out of the golden age of comics, ending its run because there’s no more villains around. Do they go quietly into the night? We don’t find out in this issue, but I’m sure the answer is negative.

Under consideration. It feels like there’s a twist coming up in the storyline so I’m going to reserve my opinion. I’m just really trying to look for something new. I’ve been having a good read with a lot of Image titles lately, so hopefully this is one that grows on me.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology, Dark Horse Digital)

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