Another hole in the show
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Spoilers will be disclosed.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 1×22: Beginning of the End seems to try too hard to setup memorable moments. Most of them you can see coming a mile ahead. It wasn’t a strong finale, and before you correct me here this is the internet so everyone can be right at the same time. Too many plot holes in this finale (yes I picked that image on the right just to make that point).

The agents formerly known as SHIELD escape the barbershop. Skye manages to do her thing and gets a visual on everything Hydra (or at least Garrett’s faction of Hydra) is doing. There’s a fight in the dark that I can’t really care for since I can barely see it. May gets to use that Asgardian berserker staff for a bit.

You know when the good guys are getting all serious at least you get to see the bad guys have fun. But after the magic formula, Garrett is the mayor of Looney Tunes and he basically doesn’t care. Ward is concerned about Garrett because he feels he’s gone off the rails. Rayna on the other hand seems to suddenly become the president of the Garrett fan club and she feels he has finally become mystical.

Fitz and Simmons are at the bottom of the ocean. They figure a way to escape by basically blowing the window. Once again, they are at the bottom of the ocean. The moment the window gives in the pressure should crush the pod and them like an egg. Fitz sacrifices himself by giving her the only oxygen tank. Yes, there’s only one because reasons – the drama license really should have expired.

Now we storm the Hydra compound after the heroes track the Bus thanks to Fitz and Simmons who they presume dead. All the baddies are in there so Triplett and Coulson steal an armored vehicle because Hydra soldiers are dumb and start blowing stuff up. May and Sky enter the compound which apparently is run by Cybertek through an incentive program. The incentive program is basically hostages.

Quinn is there too, playing slick car salesman for a bunch of generals trying to sell them the supersoldiers and the deathlok enhancing machines. Garrett spoils his fun by killing one of the generals because he’s all crazy now.

At some point Garrett sends Ward after Skye because, well Rayna has concluded she’s special. So special that she tells Ward that if she likes her they might be able to be monsters together. Anyway, Ward goes after Sky and there’s some sweet dialog until May kicks his ass over the place. Ward seems to hold his own but eventually May gets the upper hand because that’s how fights work.

So when Gemma manages to somehow survive the pressure of the depths she is saved by Colonel Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson. Gemma tells him about the tracker on the Bus which leads Fury to the same Hydra compound and…

… Fury basically teleports in time to help Coulson face Garrett. Because this is Marvel, I have to state he doesn’t really teleport, but he just appears right there where he is needed. Insert State Farm commercial reference here. Anyway, Fury has some of the best lines of the show including “you didn’t tell me he was this crazy.” In the end the day is saved by Skye as she manages to save Mike Peterson’s son and gets him to type something to his Dad. Cue Mike pulling a Darth Vader, shooting Garrett down and stomping on his ass.

We then get several little finale scenes. I felt like this was the equivalent of those scenes we get in the middle and at the end of the credits on a Marvel movie. In this case, each of these are basically an ending/cliffhanger to the show but they threw them all instead.

  • Skye says good bye to Mike Peterson aka Deathlok who doesn’t want his son to see him. He appears to leave to follow his own crusade.
  • Garrett comes back, straps himself to the machine and becomes a new Deathlok. Then he gets blowed up by Coulson with that alien beam weapon from Peru.
  • Nick Fury finally faces the indignation of Coulson. And somehow it’s declared that Coulson is fine. Fury can disappear into the shadows again. Coulson gets the task to rebuild SHIELD from scratch using a little box (really little) that Nick refers to as a toolbox. So it’s Director Coulson now.
  • The team rejoins with Gemma at the Playground, another secret base of SHIELD. And we meet Billy Koenig who’s an exact clone of Eric Koenig.
  • In an undisclosed location, Rayna enters a room with a man we can’t see but who appears to be dripping in blood. Rayna shows him a picture of Skye and tells him that she has found his daughter.
  • Coulson wakes up, watches a diagram that Garrett scratched onto a glass panel and then grabs a knife and carves an even larger diagram onto the wall.

Highs: Samuel L. Jackson is still Colonel Fury on the screen and he did get quite a number of good lines. May kicked ass. Even Sky had some good moments. I’m on the fence on Fitz and Simmons coming up with a way to get out of the darn pod. I did like Mike Peterson’s Deathlok turn. I found Rayna more engaging as an evil character than Garrett or Ward.

Lows:  Feels a bit like they threw a little of everything in here and very few storylines seemed to fit in properly. I loved to see Fury, but he appears so conveniently as soon as Coulson breaks into the compound. How did Fury break into the place? The whole Fitz is alive but he will never be the same is really disheartening. Maybe Iain De Caestecker has another commitment and might not come back next season. I get that Garrett somehow becomes in touch with the universe but his whole messiah complex is irritating. The big, big confrontation between Fury and Coulson over Tahiti is a whimper. It’s resolved in a second and we’re all ok again.

The show has been renewed for a second season. It could get better. It always could, it rarely did and it often went back to weak for the next episode. But a lot of series did much better than SHIELD and got cancelled. I feel like the series has an unfair advantage to commit many failures but still remain on air. I’ll probably watch but as for blogging about it, I think I’m done.

That will do for now.

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