Comics Review: Hacktivist #4, Red Sonja #9, Loki #4 and The Sixth Gun #40

(Source: Archaia)

(Source: Archaia)

Some light spoilers might be included.

Archaia’s Hacktivist #4 is the finale to a great graphic novel. If there’s something that I love about this book is the brutal honesty that it highlights.

There’s a brilliant scene where Sirine tells Ed him that real freedom requires real trust and asks him whether he trusts the people. His answer is no. And that in a nutshell is why Ed needs Sirine. He’s got the math and can crunch the numbers but he’s not a revolutionary until he has faith.

Nate is the one variable that both the CIA and Ed seem to have taken for granted. I’m not telling you what happens, but when it does it goes viral worldwide.

Highly recommended for fans of the hack genre. The finale is both fitting and perhaps more idealistic than realistic, but that suits me just fine. We could all use a little more ideals anyways.

(Source: Dynamite)

(Source: Dynamite)

Dynamite’s Red Sonja #9 takes the warrior into a world she’s never visited. Sonja has a duty to find the finest of masters and mistresses of their craft for the emperor and her current goal is the courtesan Aneva.

There is certainly an element of saucy fun in this comic as Sonja is not celibate and very much mortal, but fear not. Gail Simone (Batgirl, Batwoman) is both faithful and respectful to the character. Eventually we are back on track as Aneva is not a simple pampered princess harlot. Sonja even gets to consider what her life might have been if she had followed a different path.

Highly recommended because Sonja is everyone’s type. Note to self, I must find a situation is which the curse “Mitra’s wet crimson LIFE FORCE” is fitting and socially acceptable.

(Source: Marvel(

(Source: Marvel(

Marvel’s Loki #4 gets us back to the young Loki version alongside Verity and a young Sigurd looking to recover his magic sword from the Trickster. We start the story when he already has it back, so… something’s afoot. As usual.

To wonder if Loki has another agenda is to wonder if the Pope wears a funny hat. The All-Mother Triumvirate wants Sigurd back… or Loki instead. The God of Lies however has an even bigger score in mind. For that he will assemble a team unlike any other. You can’t miss this one.

Highly recommended. What can I say, it’s been a good comic week. Although I was reluctant to go back to the new Loki after the excellent last issue, this comic is proving to be quite a ride throughout.

(Source: IDW)

(Source: IDW)

IDW’s The Sixth Gun #40 has our protagonists in dire straits. Becky Montcrief and Drake Sinclair are dragging a seriously wounded Nidawi away from Brimstone. Jesup, who has the Fourth Gun, is in hot pursuit along with the rest of Griselda’s minions.

Screaming Crow, in the form of the amulet that Nidawi carries claims to be able to heal the girl if they lead their pursuers astray. Drake not only agrees, he also believes it’s time they separate. Up until now, we’ve thought Drake close to invincible. He’s not, and he gets taken down hard. Becky however, has one ace to play.

Yes, it’s highly recommended too. This book is pretty amazing if you give it the chance. The outcome of this issue is almost a complete defeat, leaving our anti-heroes in a very desperate situation. This is where the resourceful thrive, so I can’t wait to see what happens next.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology)


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