(Source: Skybound)
(Source: Skybound)

No spoilers this time.

Comixology has Image / Skybound’s Invincible series on sale to the point that you can get the entire series. I actually own a few of omnibus books but haven’t picked up the digital versions. It’s one of the best superhero comic books you’ll find out there. A young teenage boy with superpowers and the spider-man conundrum of responsibility behind it. This is another Robert Kirkman’s masterpiece (the other one is The Walking Dead). It is fun, it is in gorgeous full color and you can imagine already the crazy outcomes. Or actually, you can’t and that is what makes it so good.

Mark Grayson is the main character, the superhero known as Invincible. His father is Omni-Man, a Viltrumite who came to earth and became the most powerful superhero ever although his real mission was completely different. As Invincible, Mark will get to fight aliens, join a superhero league, learn the truth behind his origin, fall in love and have to take some decisions that will have global consequences.

Heavily recommended. Within the options offered, the bundle sale is the best deal with every issue included up to the latest Invincible #110 at a 65% discount. I would have preferred the collections, but even discounted they add up to more than the bundle and you’re going to want the issues eventually. Sale ends April 21st. I’m jumping in with both feet.

Note: I bought two digital omnibus books of this series. They’re not in the store anymore. Thankfully they still allow me to read them.

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(Source: Comixology)