You probably have heard already that Amazon has bought Comixology. I’m not panicking. If chances are brought to the site, they should not take away functionality. They’re bound to get some sort of visual makeover but I hope the business model remains more or less the same. The message from David Steinberger seems to indicate so.

(Source: DC)
(Source: DC)

Spoilers are included.

Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV brings us another Bat title with Batman Eternal #1. The premise of this new book is that it will be devoted to Gotham City. The first issue brings an ominous city in flames, with an unmasked Bruce tied to the Batsignal.

I know that whole starting-with-the-ending-scene is an old gimmick, but I’m not to fond of it. Expectations are set way too soon. The beginning of the story is the arrival of a new lieutenant personally selected by James Gordon. Unfortunately, his first collar is going to be the Commissioner himself. Why did Gordon see a weapon where there was none? Who is framing the Commish?

Not recommended yet, unless you’re a fan of Gotham like I am and love the city as a character. That gives me no choice but to get on board. Series could get better or go downhill from here. Professor Pyg is the opening villain and I really don’t care for his brand of gimmicks. We’ll see.

(Source: Dark Horse)
(Source: Dark Horse)

Dark Horse’s Star Wars #16 is getting good. It’s my first time following a Star Wars title as it comes out, I usually jump on the bundles when it’s over.

The Rebel Alliance has settled down in Arrochar, where the Crown Prince has offered Princess Leia sanctuary in exchange for marriage. you can expect this doesn’t sit well with Luke – remember we’re within the original trilogy here. Luke is invited by the Rangers to participate on a scouting trip. Meanwhile, Leia is scolded for spending too much time among pilots and starfighters.

An Imperial Super Hauler – a drone ship, falls out of hyperspace. Everything seems to be accidental, but does it hide something more? Has the Rebel Alliance been found? There are no coincidences.

Recommended. I long thought I couldn’t get into Star Wars comics set in the “classic” timeline since you pretty much know who will still be alive, but the story has been drawing me in.

(Source: IDW)

IDW’s Judge Dredd #18 has Dredd sent to the Titan, the Prison Moon of Saturn. He’s obviously coming back to Mega-City One, but his travel arrangements border on the unusual. He’s not alone. He’s found Pachoda, still trapped in the body of Judge Harvies. There’s both targeted by the guard droids.

Pachoda saves Dredd, as she recognizes it’s her only way of getting home. Both of them are found by Judge Omar, who has made a trip right from Mega-City One to get Dredd, He’s in bad shape and refuses to travel back the way he came from. The path back home is through one of the Dark Judges, and hardly a walk in the park.

Unfortunately, Mega-City One is in ruins. The Dark Judges are everywhere and Judge Cal has decided to isolate himself and some select survivors with some sort of force field. With Dark Judges closing in, Dredd makes an interesting discovery. One of them has the original Harvies in Pachoda’s body.

Recommended with reservations. It’s a bit of an acquired taste and some storylines are better than others. The Dark Judges is a remake of a classic, but the campy way it’s done sometimes seems inadequate for the theme of the story. It has improved a lot, and at least the cover’s loud colors have been replaced with more somber ones.

(Source: DC)
(Source: DC)

DC’s Injustice: Year Two #7 always seems to be a mixed bag. But that’s a good thing. Now we get to find out what Sinestro has been harboring against OA all along.

Yes, it’s a flashback but it’s Sinestro’s origins so we have an interestingly biased storytelling where the voiceover doesn’t quite match the visuals. You quickly catch on as his description of “giving himself to the people” is paired with him seizing control of the government. It’s an almost Loki-esque point of view.

Recommended with reservations. You can see a genuinely well drawn Sinestro on one panel but on the other one, Lex and Superman seem to be stepping right out of a web comic drawn in haste. Not quite sure why that happens. Oh, and notice Sinestro’s original classic look from the classic GL years making an appearance on the last panels.

(Sources: Comixology, Dark Horse Digital)