(Source: Dark Horse)
(Source: Dark Horse)

Warning: may contain spoilers.

It’s Buffy Season 10 #1 and the return of Dark Horse’s best comic book saga. It really feels like a fresh new season and there’s so much new adventure to be had. The slayer returns with most of the Scooby gang in tow. Expect some surprises as an old friend returns… looking very different than before.

Also, Xander is still dealing with a ghost – a literal one, we’re in the Buffyverse here – from his past. Is this another quest/return for the future?

And finally an uneasy alliance ends as the zompires are defeated and the regular vampires come after the gang. Except they’re somehow immune to light and can turn into bats, rats and mist. Willow is on the case. I’ve said too much.

Heavily recommended. You might think I should add “if you like Buffy” but the truth is even if you didn’t like Buffy or have never watched it, I’d still recommend you jump into this comic at this point.

Bonus recommendation: Try Angel & Faith. They are coming with a second volume soon that should follow along the same timeline with Buffy’s Season 10.

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(Source: Image)

Lots of love for Image this week! So far the second story arc continues in Ghosted #8 as Jackson learns his rescue mission might have more in common with his first adventure than he thought. Blood Crow might be aiming to grab herself her own personal demon. The question is, do we believe it when the revelation comes from said demon itself?

If you know your demon hunting culture, the answer is yes but keep some demon hunting weapon handy just in case. As it is usual where demonic social networking happens, you have more to fear from the living than the baddies from the netherworld.

Heavily recommended if you’ve always wanted to know how crime and horror taste when mixed together. Everyone is a criminal out to make a buck and screw everyone else.

Bonus recommendation: The Sixth Gun. The supernatural and the wild west also make for a good title in this tale of haunted weaponry and ruthless gunslingers.

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(Source: Image)

Next it’s another new Image comic with The Fuse #2. So, everything in this series exists already and there’s no fucking voiceover to explain things to you. You have to learn them as we go. The first issue didn’t bother explaining everything and since we have two dead cablers and one vague connection to the Mayor’s office we don’t have to time to stop and lay it all out.

The result is a completely new universe. I’ve read reviews that praise the world building skills of the comic, but I also agree with the approach of not revealing everything out of the gate. The comic is supposed to have some detective neo noir flavor to it, but to me it feels like a space cop buddy film (although I wouldn’t put it past them to have backstabbing twist before this adventure is over). I’m really hoping this comic is in for the long run.

Recommended unless you’re the type that wants to be explained everything and can’t stand to be kept in the dark.

Bonus recommendation: Black Science. Another comic book that starts without letting you know who’s who and what’s what and will only reveal part of his cards when it feels like it.

(Source: Image)
(Source: Image)

We can all breathe again, Rocket Girl is still alive in Rocket Girl #4. The comic, I mean. Dayoung might have to dodge a couple of Quintum Mechanics Enforcers gunning for her, but I was more concern with the time it took for this issue to come out. You see, many a new comic that I find myself engrossed with ends up disappearing. (I still remember you, Lady Mechanika). So when I saw this issue appear on my purchased list (I’m subscribed) I was relieved it had not gone the way of the dodo.

Besides the action, the acrobatics and the technological wizardry, what I also enjoy is the allusion to the time being in constant flux. Quintum Mechanics from the future may seem to hold all the cards but the future seems to be constantly affected as events take place back in 1986.

Recommended with the most dire of reservations: Will it continue? Because of the wait time between one issue and another I was scared that this comic might just end its run. Let’s hope not.

Bonus recommendation: All New X-Men. Not the same, but perhaps the closest right now featuring time travel and changing events in the past. Of course, RG is a new comic while the X folk are as mainstream as you can be. Still, this title has revitalized both literally and figuratively the X-Men comic book universe.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Dark Horse Digital, Comixology)