Comics Review: Judge Dredd #17, Red Team, Black Widow and Captain Marvel #1

(Source: IDW)

(Source: IDW)

Spoilers are included.

I don’t like doing full-out negative reviews on comics. That’s because where I may see flaw, others might see genius. If a book goes in direction I completely dislike I just stop talking about it. If it comes back showing signs of redemption, I’m ready to forgive. All that to say, I’m not sure where is Judge Dredd‘s main title was going. The weird colors on the latest covers were not helping.

That’s mostly forgiven with Judge Dredd #17 which gives a cover featuring Dredd’s most fearsome and seemingly unstoppable enemy: Judge Death. He was the big reveal in the last number and he’s brought the Dark Judges with him. Mortis, Fear and Fire are back but also a plethora of new foes that made me recall images from Hellraiser.

Judge Death is completely not Dredd’s cup of tea. The only weapon who can actually stop the ghoul is Judge Anderson, who has been shot. That doesn’t mean she’s out of the picture though. Mayhem and backstabbing abound as Judge Cal still has it in for Dredd.

I’m not fully recommending it yet, but keep an eye out for this book. Year One seemed to have more solid storylines that this title. I haven’t forgotten about the sentient butter yet. We’re hopefully on a better road with the Dark Judges.

(Source: Dynamite)

(Source: Dynamite)

Garth Ennis is the mind behind Red Team.  The story arc concludes in Red Team #7, but I’m not sure if this just means volume 1. This is basically the story of four members of the NYPD anti-narcotics unit that decide to take matters into their own hands. It’s raw, it’s gory and it plays itself like a major cable network TV series.

The comic has action and gore in it but there’s also a lot of conversation. My deal with talk has always been that it has to feel real and flawed more than heroic. Garth Ennis is good at this and unlike The Boys, he keeps this one grounded on complete reality and with no screwing around. This is a police story with no superheroes. Don’t expect any humor here.

Recommended. It can get gory and violent, but unlike other books it’s lot more about suspense and drama. Do not expect any dark or satirical humor.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

It’s been a couple of year since the last time that Black Widow had her own book. I’ve been a little slow on the take. Now I’m all up to date with Black Widow #4.

Agent Natasha Romanoff has been taken cases to make ends meet and support her network. Now there’s a russian hitman out there who calls himself the Hand of God and uses heavy hardware, led by a mastermind that stays in the shadows. Natasha is back on SHIELD duty to stop him and find out who’s behind him.

The book feels like a much more hardcore version of Hawkeye, sans the slack attitude or the ironic humor. It also reminds me a bit of Velvet as Natasha has to deal with her past as an assassin. Then again, I have that reference backwards, as the Widow is the original one.

Recommended. No, no Scarlett Johansson lookalike scenes, which I’m thankful for. As much as the character has benefit from the exposure of her movie counterpart, there’s something to say about comic book heritage. Mainly, that we want to keep it.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

And we finally end with another Marvel heroine as Carol Danvers takes to space with Captain Marvel #1. If you’re a little lost with her past, I’m in the same boat. Although I could try to dig up older comics to find out more, I want to see how good is this book at introducing me to her character and possibly redefining her a bit.

It’s good. We start already in space, with the titular character in charge of a ragtag crew that made me think of Firefly. Slowly we’re given the back story of Carol back in Earth getting drafted into this mission and having to leave love and family behind. I had no clue that she lives inside the statue of Liberty. You know how hard is to even visit that island? Commuting to get groceries must be a pain.

Recommended with reservations. It’s a good start, but recently I have a lot of books in start-up mode and I really want something that picks up and keeps going for the long run. Also, very thankful for the bonus Captain Marvel origin told from the kid’s point of view. Although you can figure most of it out, you want to know what the basics are and that was ideal.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology)

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