(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

DC’s Batman #28 momentarily sidesteps the fact that we’re on Zero Year and jumps us to the first chapter of the oncoming arc Eternal. Marketing ploy or…? Actually, let’s not kid ourselves. That’s what it is. I would just rather finish one storyline before running head first into the prologue of another one.

But I’m not mad because it’s good. It already got me. We get Harper Row, already working with the Bats as Bluebird. We get the new kingpin of Gotham, errr… you’ll have to see who it is. Kind of logical if you pay attention to the motif of The Egyptian nightclub.

The Dark Knight and Bluebird take on the kingpin, who is actually willing to collaborate. Actually, she’s also holding the key to a mysterious infection yet to be revealed.

We do get to see the key is a character that has been absent of the pages of the New 52’s until now. A character that had her own Bat-comic before Flashpoint happened. I want to tell you her name, but that would be quite a spoiler.

Recommended, despite the fact that it intrudes into Zero Year but darn it – I’m hooked already.

(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

Marvel’s The Superior Spider-Man #27 finally breaks open the invisible wall that has kept Spider-Otto from realizing the Green Goblin has been running a criminal empire under his feet.

Lots of things end up getting revealed in this issue. Jonah J. Jameson has a Spider Slayer and plans to use it against Superior. Captain Watanabe is after Peter/Otto in full force. The real Peter Parker is surviving in the Mindscape, the psyche he shares with Otto Octavius. As he attempts to hide himself into his thoughts he may end up forgetting who he is.

The big one is that the Goblin seems to have already won and knows the truth about Spidey-Ock. Too late does Doc realizes what the loophole in his network of Spider-robots has been. Still, he’s already working on a backup plan. But so is the Goblin.

Recommended. In previous issues, the Green Goblin seemed almost a comedy relief. Not anymore here.

(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

Marvel’s She-Hulk #1 is a new volume/chapter for 2014. I couldn’t be happier that they finally brought Jennifer/Shulkie back. She’s actually quitting her law firm and starting business on her own.

First order of the day, make a case against Tony Stark!

Well, that’s how it seems to be as She-Hulk naively takes a case that puts her nose to nose with the man in the armor suit. Except it doesn’t. As expected, Start has safeguards against legal action that prove to be a challenge for the even the super-powered heroine.

But of course, this is Shulkie we’re talking about so she will find a way. If you’re not aware of how this goes, this is a legal sitcom made into comic. There will be no Ironman making his entrance in full armor. Instead, it’s slapstick comedy and courtroom dramedy in droves.


(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

And we’re closing with DC’s Injustice: Year Two #3. I must tell you, I found this issue a bit on the short side. The minds of OA are discussing Earth’s events and have an idea that something has happened to Green Lantern Kyle Rainer.

Since there is doubt about how involved GL Hal Jordan might be in the events, they decide to send GL Guy Gardner.

Meanwhile, Superman is making a move himself. With the attempt on his life coming from the USA and knowing Congress is about the shutdown the US Government, he’s actually sending Green Lantern Hal Jordan to persuade them against it.

Recommended. Yes, this one is just the setup for a confrontation. Still, it’s nice to see OA trying to stage an intervention. The Green Lanterns are supposed to be the galactic police after all.

(Sources: Comixology)