Comics Review: The Sixth Gun #37, Superior Spider-Man #25 and All New X-Men #21

(Source: Oni Press)

(Source: Oni Press)

Oni Press’ The Sixth Gun was one of the first comic books that I decided I would try with Comixology’s digital subscriptions. With the wealth of comics that come out on Wednesday, it’s a welcome feature to make sure you don’t miss a number. In the latest issue, The Sixth Gun #37, the Grey Witch has firmly taken leadership and eliminated Missy Hume from the map.

What comes after Becky Montcrief is not the widow of General Olliander Bedford Hume but a fragmented image sent as a mere messenger. The message is simple, Becky and Drake Sinclair are being hunted. Leading the charge is Drake’s old nemesis, the former Knight of Solomon, Jesup. Far more resilient and nearly indestructible now that he has Missy Hume’s gun (the Fifth?) which heals any wound – as long as you keep killing with it. As the horrifying messenger dissolves into a nest of snakes, the town of Brimstone is invaded by the Grey Witch’s armies.

Heavily recommended now as we seem to be closing in to the beginning of the end.

(Source: Marvel Comics)

(Source: Marvel Comics)

In Superior Spider-Man #25, Spidey-Ock finally goes against the Avengers. With Iron Man’s return, the tide turns as Tony Stark is quick to bring Flash Thompson into the fray to claim back the Venom symbiote. But what really brings about the undoing of Superior is what happens next.

Peter Parker – the supposedly exorcised spirit of the original Spidey – is not only instrumental to de-power Superior Venom, he’s actually been biding his time to get rid of Dr. Octavius. As it has already been announced Peter Parker will return in an entirely new Amazing Spider-Man comic, Superior Spider-Man’s days are numbered. The eternal opportunist, Peter-Otto announces he’s being under the control of microscopic traces of the symbiote ever since Flash-Venom met the original Spider-Man in Venom #4.

Recommended as we now know Doc’s not going to be here forever. And I’m really glad that we got Agent Venom back.

(Source: Marvel Comics)

(Source: Marvel Comics)

All New X-Men #21 continues the saga of the classic X-Men meeting the new. Given the amount of trouble/fun they get into I don’t think anybody reading this series wants them to leave. It’s becoming apparent that they can’t – they know too much.

The issue starts with a fun throwback to old school comics as we see a flashback to when Reverend Stryker first asked the minds of A.I.M. to fix his boy. Then we are brought back to the present where son of Stryker is the leader of the purifiers – soldiers on a holy quest to rid humanity from mutantkind. Stryker Jr. is himself an enhanced mutant who has just managed to take out the X-Men from the past along with Kitty Pride and X-23, Laura Kinney.

The purifiers don’t know if killing the X-Men will cause a paradox, so they call in their contacts at A.I.M. Fortunately this gives time for Jean Grey to awaken the team so they can kick some misguided fanatical zealot ass.

Recommended. It’s a fun series, but sometimes I completely side with SHIELD’s Maria Hill when she goes in her rants against the X-Men because the timeline has to be really screwed up.

(Sources: Comixology)

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