Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #23, Superior Team-Up #7, Velvet #2 and Earth 2 #18

(Source: Marvel Comics)

(Source: Marvel Comics)

Superior Spider-Man #23
(Marvel Comics)

It’s the confrontation we’ve been looking forward to, so naturally the first thing we want is to take a break. Ok, well no. Like hell no. We want the complete opposite of that. But pleasantries have to be exchanged, so Flash Thompson improvises while Spider-Ock is expecting an excuse to finish him off.

Flash is the one keeping his head on straight here. He’s quick to remind his “pal” Spider-Man that he wouldn’t just finish kill a baddie because that’s not his style. He’s figured out that he’s not dealing with the Spider-Man he admires although he doesn’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes (hey if the Matrix can use a Lewis Carroll reference, so can I). Some smoke bombs and he’s gone.

Otto is becoming unhinged here. Even as Peter, he’s almost ready to snap and keeps getting lucky that circumstances allow him to play off his super-villain-ness as stress. But fortune knocks at his door as Flash unknowingly asks him for help. There’s so much going on that I almost thought he was planning to kill him at dinner. Fortunately the Doc does come up with a plan to separate Flash from the symbiote… but that’s not going to be a good thing.


(Source: Marvel Comics)

(Source: Marvel Comics)

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #7
(Marvel Comics)

I actually liked this issue better than Superior this week. Not because of the Sinister Six, or Lightmaster, or new hero Sungirl, but because of the outcome. Spider-Ock is in a bind and everyone’s coming at him as the Sinister Six seem to be holding all the cards. Eventually, Superior will have to put them down. Big spoiler, Sungirl is still alive. Not so big because since everyone had to remark that she was dead you kinda figure the opposite right from the beginning.

What I do like is that the internal monologue that Otto is carrying with himself changes tone in the comic as he realizes that he’s put the entire city in jeopardy and he’s far from being “superior” to the actual Spider-Man. It’s a realization that I hope shows up in the main Superior comic sooner rather than later.

And as Sungirl leaves him, completely disappointed at the man she used to admire, you can see he’s not getting away scot free. He’s going to have to answer for what he’s done. It’s a bit of a broken moment that I wish would’ve happened in the main storyline rather than here.


(Source: Image Comics)

(Source: Image Comics)

Velvet #2
(Image Comics)

Confession time, I wasn’t going to pick this up but I read a few reviews and was curious. It’s not the usual scantily-clad damsel with guns concept. Velvet is a powerhouse of an agent and as she gets framed for the very same deaths she’s investigating she figures she must follow the clues to clear her name.

Initially, every other X-agent thinks she’s just a secretary. That is everyone’s impression until they corner her. It’s a good comic, they’re two strong first issues, but I want to know what’s in store next. It takes place in the early 70’s so everything has that vibe – cars, phones, suits, weapons… Stuff still needs to be written down on paper, there’s no computers in sight, nobody is going to get a call or a text on a cellphone and everyone smokes. This is an old school spy movie universe.

The whole frame-agent-on-the-run has been done quite a few number of times so I’m hoping this doesn’t become predictable down the road but so far it’s an enjoyable ride.


(Source: DC Comics)

(Source: DC Comics)

Earth 2 #18
(DC Comics)

This has been an on and off comic book for a while. Now it’s entering an interesting period in which Superman has been resurrected as the herald of Galac- oops, sorry – Darkseid and Batman has returned but it’s obviously not him. So who is he?

This seems to be a recurring pattern lately but once again Superman is the bad guy. So if you have read Injustice: Gods Among Us or even to some extent Forever Evil (which by the way seems to be taking a super long time getting around to the next issue) you can probably tell there are people getting torn apart and the Earth is in chaos.

To top it off, this Flying Dead Superman has Omega Beams. Talk about overkill. The new Batman is… interesting. Seems he’s not completely human and he doesn’t respond to “Bruce”. And he doesn’t mind picking a gun at some point and – well, let’s say Earth 2 will not have Bats going against his worst enemy anytime soon. Then again, Supes came back from the dead…

Recommended with caution. You might be over this kind of thing, but I want to know if Earth 2 can surprise me and do something original.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology)

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