(Photo: Gene Page / AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page / AMC)

Spoilers dead ahead. Make sure you’ve survived episode five before you walk into this recap.

We return to the prison and into the bowels of Cell Block A, Death Row for The Walking Dead: Internment. We’ve had too much fresh air. This episode, we’re being locked in with Hershel and the dead kids on the block that are halfway to Zombieland.

Not that things are ok outside. Ric’s back, the Carol business is not just hit the fan, and Maggie needs help with a fence that is about to give. Regardless of the fact that they’re are facing huge numbers of undead, they don’t seem to be in much danger. For now.

But inside, things are going from bad to worse. Sasha and Glenn are trying to help Hershel treat the sick. However soon enough, Hershel has to drag the dead away from the prying eyes of Lizzie so he can put them out of their misery as they turn.

But things quickly escalate, or rather descend into hell as patients die and rise. With Glenn sick and Sasha fainted, Hershel is left alone. Soon enough, he’s attacked. One the residents, who moments ago stopped Hershel from looking at this kid, takes out a gun to try to help him – only to get bitten by his own son. With shots ringing, Rick sends Maggie to help.

But Rick has his hands full and is forced to ask Carl for help. It’s a little too late as the fence breaks open and the zombies pour into the first fence. Without any recourse, Rick is forced to give Carl a lesson in heavy firearms as the two resort to machine guns against the sea of zombies coming in.

To top it off, Hershel has so many zombies he’s forced to let Lizzie alone to handle herself. She ends up luring a zombie away from defenseless Glenn, but it’s unclear where she’s trying to take him. Eventually she ends up needing help when she trips up. Hershel manages to drop the zombie, a man that he had fitted with a respirator, into a metallic mesh. Moments later, after noticing that Glenn needs that respirator he doesn’t think twice about jumping in to wrestle it out of the walker.

By then Maggie has managed to break into Cell Block A and eventually helps Hershel get the respirator to Glenn who’s on his last breath. Lizzie comes over to give the group one of her quizzical looks.

Outside, somehow father and son seem to have bonded as they’ve killed countless amounts of zombies. This of course means they’ve spent huge amounts of ammo. Fortunately, the cavalry arrives. Daryl’s group finally gets home.

But even as Glenn is getting his medication and Tyreese reunites with Sasha, there’s black clouds on the horizon. Daryl has to learn the truth about Carol. There’s no telling how Tyreese will react. Is Carl trustable? How long until we see Carol again? Is everyone going to accept Rick’s choice of punishment – or the fact that he’s taken a decision for them all?

But as we pan away from the prison and into the nearby woods, all these issues become suddenly very, very small. Right outside, watching carefully is a very familiar figure. The Governor is back.

That will do for now.

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