(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Serious spoilers, dead ahead. If you haven’t seen the episode turn back now and go watch it. It’s good.

Our group of survivors are getting real close to an endangered species on the latest episode, The Walking Dead: Isolation. We start with some seriously tense scene as Tyreese is wound up about Karen’s death so much that goes off on Daryl and Rick. This makes Rick lose it – which gives us an indication that Rick’s close to the edge here.

Things eventually get somewhat patched up but Rick is back to semi-cop duty finding out who took out Karen and David (David we hardly knew you) and lighted them up. You’ll get your answer, and if you’re smart you’ll realize it when someone says sorry to Tyreese halfway through the episode and then we know, but we’ll get a crisp clear confession before the episode is done.

Glenn and Sasha get infected and we find out there’s already a zombie inside a holding cell in Death Row with others very close to getting there. Hershel wants to help, and wanders out with Carl, back with gun and hat, keeping a close eye on him. Eventually Hershel will not hesitate to go into cell block A, despite the protests from Maggie. It doesn’t take him long until he gets blood spitted at him upon which time he knows he’s not leaving.

Daryl and Michonne are getting together a few volunteers to make a run for a veterinary school hoping to find the medicine they need there. New character Bob Stookey (he does exist in the comics), played by Lawrence Gilliard, is an Army medic that came from Woodbury and the only one besides Hershel that figure out the medicine they need (not to mention that he’s fighting alcoholism). Eventually Tyreese decides to join them because… there’s literally nobody else. Only Rick, Carol and Maggie remain to defend the prison. Well, unless you draft Carl and Beth. It’s amazing how much the ranks have thinned.

The trip is a bit faraway and it doesn’t take long until they ran into literally a sea of zombies on the road. As the car gets stuck on zombie fodder, our little team has no option but to ditch the vehicle. Daryl and Michonne get away without any difficulty as expected. Bob seems about to get swamped while he yells at a catatonic Tyreese to get out of the car. Bob does make it after being pulled by Daryl, but Tyreese gets swamped. As the team regroups a distance from the car, Tyreese reappears, seemingly unharmed but winded. There’s blood on him but as it goes with characters that have unsolved issues, chances are he’ll live at least long enough to have to deal with them again.

There’s a bit of a shocker at the end of the episode. It was expected due to an earlier conversation but when Rick asks, he knows and we know. He can’t fully disapprove of Carol’s actions, and we in the audience being the couch experts that we are we might be inclined to empathize. It’s a grey world after all, and Rick of all people understands why primal survival instincts are required. If Carol is the going to be the cold-blooded pragmatist, it’s Hershel who represents the opposite human counterpart. Rick, who has swayed between both viewpoints, has already gone the path that Carol travels. He understands, but he’s probably not sure he can condone the act. There’s either an ugly confrontation that could be coming up eventually or Tyreese is going to go through some hellish experience that will melt away his desire for vengeance. I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked.

That will do for now.

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