Comics Review: Uber, Superior Spider-Man #19, Batwoman #24

(Source: Avatar Comics)

(Source: Avatar Comics)

Uber is a new series from Avatar Comics. It’s an alternate timeline in which at the end of the second world war, the Germans unveil a last resort weapon: super-powered beings capable of leveling armies. We are talking serious superpowers here, not just the usual Captain America enhanced-stamina kind. We are talking big, Superman-level, massacre-in-one-second kind of powers.

It’s gory and it’s raw, but not so alien. The aryan super-man was a Nazi party ideal that becomes super-powered in this premise. The results are devastating and the lowest base of human instincts are depicted in this comic. The allies are playing catch-up trying to come up with a counter, a play on WWII’s weapon and technology race.

Definitely not for the younger readers out there and not for the squeamish. I don’t like gore for gore itself, so it’s the “historical retcon” that I enjoy. It wouldn’t pay to create an alternate history with a completely unviable scenario. I know it sounds weird to look for accuracy in what it is in essence a fantasy, but that’s were research comes in.

Recommended… for mature readers, of course. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

(Source: Marvel Comics)

(Source: Marvel Comics)

Seems we’ve been waiting ages, but finally we have Superior Spider-Man #19.  This issue tries to reconcile all the events from the previous ones and it does an acceptable job, but the important thing is the execution.

Otto is forced to recollect what he knows from Peter’s past to try to come up with the equation for a temporal device to fix the timespace continuum. Unfortunately, he purged all of Peter’s memories so he can only recollect the ones he’s accessed.

I specially love the fact that Ock gets it wrong and although he manages to return to a somewhat stable timeline he doesn’t really leave everything in a perfect state. It shouldn’t be that way. Spider-Man 2099 has an uncertain destiny of the outcome as he must now steer the future in secret. Whether we’ll continue to follow the events of his new adventure in this same comic book series is unknown.

I don’t love time travel stories unless the issue is about time travel itself. It just becomes a bit messy. I’m just hoping we move on from this plot into less inter-dimensional territory for the next issue.

(Source: DC Comics)

(Source: DC Comics)

We finally get our Kane vs. Wayne in Batwoman #24. The comic starts walking a fine tightrope between badass Batman and a well-prepared Kate. You will find a lot of things lead up to the confrontation, starting with the whole setup of luring up the Bat. It’s not an easy battle ahead for Kate.

Bruce is not going to be a pushover here, and Kate knows it. To have Batwoman score at least some points against the Dark Knight is not an easy task, but I also want Kate to prove her worth. Although we kinda seem to be going for a draw, it’s also conceivable that Bats has seen through the whole facade. If so, is he going to turn the tables on She-Bat and spring a trap himself?

Heavily recommended.

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