Comics Review: Digital Hush, Batman #24, Batgirl #24, All New X-Men Special, Arkham War

(Source: DC Comics via Comixology)

(Source: DC Comics via Comixology)

You probably already know everything that happens in Batman: The Complete Hush, and yet I’m compelled not to reveal anything. I have the TPB version but this digital collection allows me to read it in my tablet anywhere I want. It’s one of the most engaging story arcs I know. Just now, going in for a peek at the digital version, I jusr started reading it all again.

As one of the best contemporary Batman stories out there, it features appearances by most of the foes from his classic rogue gallery plus a new one. You also get the participation of every one of Bats’ associates including Superman. Realize I said participation and not cameo. It’s not like Supes just popups and flies away. No, the boy scout will actually take part in the story too.

The plot is intricate and revisits Bruce’s past adding a new name to Gotham’s past. Jeph Loeb’s writing is still relevant in the post-flashpoint era so the storyline holds up really well. The digital form highlights Jim Lee’s art at its very best. This comic is not going to feel old by any high standards.

DC recently released some of the best fan-loved collections out on digital form. I know Frank Miller’s Return of the Dark Knight is a work of art art and The Long Halloween and Batman: Year One are classics, but for me Hush remains Batman at his best.

Heavily recommended like a ton of bricks. If you have a tablet and can only get one comic, get this one.

(Source: DC Comics)

(Source: DC Comics)

Scott Snyder and James Tyrion IV continue their excellent Zero Year on Batman #54 and as much as tend to frown on reboots I have to say I’m enjoying this retcon. The interactions with Alfred are very much on point, the Red Hood Gang is every bit as dangerous and there are nods to even the classic first cover appearance of the World’s Greatest Detective on Detective Comics.

You also get to see what could or not be the origin of the Clown Prince of Crime and the first appearance of yet another of Bruce’s arch-enemies before the comic ends. Also, I loved seeing Bats starting the future Batcave with a laptop.

I was wary that this book would have trouble getting over the Forever Evil one-shots which were kind of fun but seem just misplaced. I’m glad to see Zero Year continue unabated and onward.

Highly recommended. Yes, it’s another reboot. Just go with it.

(Source: DC Comics)

(Source: DC Comics)

I’m going to go for three bat-comics with Batgirl #24. Last we left Barbara, she was completely driven into a corner and her boyfriend had being shot by none other than her own father. On this issue, the precious and thin dynamic that was already broken in the first chapter of Wanted goes into some very dark places.

But Gordon himself is being pushed to the limit in more ways than one here. It’s kind the epitome of despair but soon enough Barb is forced to leave the coping behind and start dealing with Knightfall again, although it seems almost like an afterthought. Batgirl’s enemies are great in power and number but it’s the Maelstrom on her head that is keeping me on pins and needles until the next issue. An it seems the next issue will tie in with Zero Year. If so, does this mean we have to wait for the outcome of this one? Hopefully we get a clean – no, scratch that. We’re going to get a messy ending for this story arc for sure. The Gordons will definitely have some unresolved issues after Wanted is over.

Recommended, although I must say I don’t care much for Batgirl’s foes in this one. It’s about Barb and James Gordon here.

(Source: Marvel Comics)

(Source: Marvel Comics)

Marvel has a good thing going with All New X-Men and they cash in with All New X-Men Special #1. This one involves my other favorite Marvel character right now: Spider-Ock. The Superior Spider-Man has to confront not only the X-Men from the days of yore but his previous incarnation – Doctor Octopus himself.

The art is not particularly of my taste. It’s a little too thinly drawn at times, and hardly polished. That being said, I was drawn by the scenario of Spidey/Otto having to face his former self. The good doctor (why is he called that?) is brought down and captured in this issue as he’s apparently not a huge threat. Although Superior emphatizes this is not his real self (I guess he believes he would recall the incident in his memory) we know how rifts in space-time continuum don’t always add up to comic book continuity. Then again, continuity was thrown out the door from the day that the classic X-Men were brought through time.

I really want to recommend this story but it’s a bit of a coin toss. It’s a good premise but it might pay to wait a bit for the continuation that happens in Indestructible Hulk Special.

(Source: DC Comics)

(Source: DC Comics)

And we’re going back to DC Comics to end in a high note. It’s Forever Evil again, but centered on Gotham’s Worst with Forever Evil: Arkham War #1. With the foes of Arkham on the loose and Penguin calling the shots from the Iceberg Lounge, leave it to Bane to make a play for power.

Bane has traveled all the way to Blackgate Prison. He’s growing in power and numbers. Beside gaining all the immate population he’s also after something big – something that was kept secret deep inside the bowels of the prison. Of course, I can’t see exactly how he means to control them.

It’s all a setup for a giant confrontation with Gotham City as the prize to win. But Bane’s plans are already known to the Penguin and Scarecrow so count on them putting up quite a fight for the control of the city.

I have to recommend this one, even if it ends up not going anywhere later. The dynamics of all the Bat’s foes are always interesting to watch and the scenario of total chaos in Gotham may be familiar, but it’s always interesting. I really want to see what happens next.

That will do for now.

(Source: Comixology)

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