Wonder Woman
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Yes, a Wonder Woman movie is long overdue.

I don’t have anything new to add to this conversation. I just want to throw my hat in the ring and join the bandwagon. The two most often heard counter-arguments have been debunked. Yes, a strong female lead can carry a movie franchise (The Hunger Games) and yes, a movie based on mythology can be successful (Thor). Please forget the failure examples for these arguments (Catwoman, Elektra, Clash of the Titans) because… they were bad movies to begin with. Don’t blame the theme or the lead for the films being crappy.

Can it be done tastefully though? Can we agree that of all possible female superheroes, Wonder Woman cannot be a hypersex kitten? She must be the real deal. Perhaps that’s what is the hardest item to sell to old-fashioned male movie executives. I don’t want to define Diana for what she wears, but the most iconic image is still Lynda Carter in the 70’s TV series.

If you have read the comics and watch the DC Comics animations, you might have a more updated image. The princess of Themyscira embraces her role as a warrior a little more seriously in her latest incarnation. Previous to the New 52’s reboot, one of the most shocking moments in comic history is Diana snapping Max Lord’s neck. You’d be wrong to judge her as someone who always resorts to violence. Since it wouldn’t do for a comic book to have diplomatic solutions work for every conflict, she does get pushed into battle quite a lot.

That also means updating the costume a little. Something more along the lines of actual armor without being completely unrecognizable. Comparisons to Xena both in look and character are unavoidable here, they’re practically sisters. I understand we have to darken the colors a bit to prevent it to be too bright. Also remember she does carry additional weapons such as a short sword, a shield and sometimes a lance. Also quite a few people are not aware she can fly – and has been able to do that for a long time now.

Rainfall Films seems to have an idea how to do it… in trailer form at least:

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And then, there’s this amazing short clip.

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I’d keep the whole made-of-clay origin as a legend or a myth and not show it on screen though… That’s just me. I’m on the fence on the plane. Technically it doesn’t fit the entire greek mythos but perhaps she can end up adopting a spy plane of sorts. And then there’s the enemy choices. Cheetah might suit as a hand-to-hand combatant but I’d love to have Ares show up pulling the strings behind a plot to through Themyscira into war with the world.

That will do for now.

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