Comics Review: Why I love digital collections

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

Sometimes I don’t want to read a new comic book series one at a time. If you wait long enough, there’s a chance it will come out as a collection.

A Digital Omnibus is my favorite kind of collection because usually it will cover an entire comic book series from beginning to end. The main disadvantage is that it takes a long time to come out, and you might grow to be too impatient. However, if you just got into digital comics, you should check out what’s already out there.

Recently, Comixology had a sale for the Image title Girls from the Luna Brothers. I’ve never read the whole thing before and to be able to binge on one title just rocks. Physically, the omnibus version collection is much smaller in size but digitally it’s only limited by the size of the screen in your tablet – and the ability to zoom in. That makes digital omnibus rock.

Incidentally, don’t miss the three digital omnibus volumes of The Boys that capture the entire run. Recommended.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

Also coming out in a collection are short mini-series from a known character such as the Books of Doom, a fresh take on the Fantastic Four’s arch-nemesis.

This kind of collection is not always a must because the art and the storyline sometimes stray a bit far from what you’re familiar too. In this case however, I’m not really a big fan of the Fantastic Four and have kinda of… rooted for Victor Von Doom.  That being said I was kind of disappointed that in this vision he just takes the title of doctor because of Reed Richards. But that’s just a minor gripe. The rest of the book is really worth it.

They don’t always make it to digital form though. I’m still waiting on a Taskmaster mini-series to show up digitally. I know I have the physical version, but I’d really like to bring it along on the plane via a tablet app.

(Source: Oni Press)

(Source: Oni Press)

The other way I love collections is digital trade paperback volumes.  That’s the way I’m reading Oni Press’ The Sixth Gun and Image – Shadowline’s Morning Glories. I wait for the TP to collect a few series so it’s worth my time. Incidentally, I heavily recommend both of those.

That is not to say that they are not great series on their own right – it’s just I’d rather wait a little longer and have a little juicier of a morsel to read than just a few pages. I wish I could do that with Icon’s Powers: The Bureau but it takes months for just one issue to come out.

Patience is the name of the game here, but it helps if you mix and match. Some series that rarely do collections I follow on a per issue basis. Others, I wait for the TP, the volume or in case of the limited series, the omnibus. The ability to take these on the road (or rather to the skies) adds to my arsenal of weapons against that most dreaded of enemies: boredom.

That will do for now.

(Source: Comixology)

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