(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

I only went in half-hearted into the whole Trinity War saga. It seemed like a pale attempt to drum up interest by potentially (or allegedly) pitting DC’s big three against each other. Whether it worked or it didn’t is besides the point. The main culprit is finally revealed in Justice League #23.

I’m going to try to keep it very light on the spoilers here, because it’s a big thing. I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t guess it all the way through but there were hints now and then. Basically the whole “Pandora’s Box” has been an allegory to what is essentially, one of the Justice League’s contenders for “greatest foes” ever. Just using the plural there will give it away for most fans.

Although it has some highlights, the Trinity War ends up being just a prologue to another series. It’s a bit anti-climatic really. The whole thing was a diversion. I’m a bit jaded on the whole mysticism of having to get to a particular scene before the big reveal.

All that to say, if you haven’t read Trinity War, I suggest you catch up because it turns out this was just an introduction and the real war starts now.

(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

Strangely enough, I kept turning around to another comic, Injustice: Gods Among Us which seemed to do what Trinity War kept dodging: an all out war. However, it remains a What If situation which still depends on the whole lets-jump-to-conclusions judgement scenario.

That’s all besides the point right now. We’re already at war. That being said, Injustice: Gods Among Us #33 is worth the read if you have been following up on the last issues. It’s actually a very touching martyr story and yes, one more hero goes down.

This sacrifice in the line of duty has a reason to it. There’s a tug at the heartstrings here as we witness his final moments from a first person POV. Recommended.

(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

Meanwhile, on the Marvel Universe there’s plenty to read nowadays but I’m still mainly hooked on Doctor Otto Octavius taking up the webshooters. In Superior Spider-Man #16 we see the Hobgoblin cornered. jailed, freed and becoming a whole new wardrobe persona.

The most interesting character of this series remains Spider-Ock of course. I would’ve said the gig is up when we saw Spidey using tentacle arms an issue or so ago, but seems people are still following leads and not entirely convinced? Rather than backing off a bit, Superior keeps bringing more and more of Otto’s charming personality (read: mad scientist at work) to the surface.

It’s almost a bit Breaking-Bad-ish (yeah sorry, I’m a doing that thing where you turn everything into a pop culture reference adverb a-la-Joss-Whedon) but we’re in free fall mode at this point. The webbing hit the fan several issues ago and somehow it can still go worse – and worth reading.

The Goblin King has recruited another asset and keeps massing up his forces in the underground. I know we’re building anticipation as Spider-Ock continues to power up in both influence and resources, but holding back the Goblin King either pays up in the end or ends up in a fizzle. Recommended, of course.

That will do for now.

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