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(Source: ContentFilm International)

There’s something very familiar about Bounty Killer. It has all the feel of an 80’s movie, the kind you see late at night. The post apocalyptic world is not a new one, but it’s one with a very direct message to corporate greed: too much money will get you killed. It’s road warrior time, and all wall street types that caused the world to go to hell are getting hunted down.

Director Henry Saine doesn’t forsake the conventional stereotypes. He embraces them and gives them a back story. The badass lead is stunning Mary Death, a woman who kicks ass first and ask questions later. Played campy without breaking a stride by Christian Pitre, she’s actually got a background story to tell. Drifter is the veteran scoundrel played by Matthew Marsden. He’s sort of a Mad Max meets Clint Eastwood who has a dirty past as a CEO (gasp!).

While Mary Death has the spotlight and the fame, Drifter seems to be getting the scraps. It’s obvious to most that these two have a past together that’s about to come up. When Drifter’s past as a corporate rat gets revealed at the same time that a bounty is put on his head, he’ll have everyone gunning for his head.

Fortunately, he’s got himself a sidekick. Jack Lemans, played in high pitch by Barak Hardley, is the bumbling gun caddy that seems like the comic relief that’s more hindrance that support. Don’t count Jack out though. Eventually things will go from bad to worse. It’s up to Jack to shape up, make Drifter and Mary realize that they love each other and get them all the ammo they need to kill the bad guys. Oh, and get covered in blood. Lucky for him, not his own.

There’s at time in which a movie gets you to pause and reflect, and then there’s that Fantasia movie that’s out for blood with a shotgun. Gore has always been an unapologetic component of Fantasia, and this one has it along with gun play and humour. Check your guns at the door, bring the popcorn, start the mustang and have some fun in the wasteland. In a little Q&A with the actors Christian Pitre and Barak Hardley, we learned that everyone that was involved with the movie got to play an extra at some point. Word has it the producer got blown up multiple times.

Recommended for when you need to blow some steam. Don’t wear a tie to this one.

Update: The amazing Sara Bareilles sings the theme song for Bounty Killer! You can check it out at MTV Geek.

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