(Source: FantasiaFestival.com)
(Source: FantasiaFestival.com)

The tickets for the 2013 Fantasia Film Festival went for sale this Tuesday July 16 and if you’ve ever tried to get some you know the drill. You stand outside Concordia since the morning until the box office opens at 1pm. This year, you had the added bonus of another ticket booth at Imperial Cinema and another box office at Cinémathèque québécoise. It’s still going to be a long, very frustratingly slow, line.

Since a few years back, the sale of the tickets has also been available online and on the phone through Admission.com. For the first time ever there was the Passport – $250 dollars including 20 tickets and 50% off popcorn. That was a bit too rich considering I won’t make it to 20 movies.

I didn’t do the line. I tried to get Admission on the phone, gave up after fixe minutes and went online. Anticipating that, I was already logged into Admission.com and ready to go. Online means no special discount, every movie is $10 bucks, but at the same time you can get them as fast you can can retype you credit card. I did miss out on the last movie, The World’s End, because I hesitated going to a late movie on a Tuesday. Other than that, I adopted a sound strategy: go for your first picks first (opening and closing films) and leave the not-100%-sure movies for last. I was done in 20 minutes.

I don’t like to research every movie featured to the point of exhaustion. I do keep an eye out for recommendations. The rest, I go with my gut and anything that looks interesting. Mostly I try not to overdo it on movies the same day, but then I break my own rules constantly.

Here’s the loot. It’s a mixed batch this year. I still got my pick of 99% of what I wanted to see:

Whew. Hope the seats in the Imperial Theatre are comfy. Expect some reviews as the 2013 Fantasia Film Festival starts this Thursday, July 18!

That will do for now.

(Sources: 2013 Fantasia Film FestivalAdmission.com)