Looks edible enough
Looks edible enough

Previously on Cooking Adventures, our nerdish hero would attempt to cook something so basic that it wouldn’t deserve an intro on a 101 cooking course.

To avoid repetition, I’ve all but neglected to post any more cooking adventure since I really haven’t been doing a whole lot of new stuff… However, I have been improvising of sorts. See the first picture? Kidney beans, broccoli and diced tomatoes. It complied with my two basic kitchen rules: a) tasted good and b) didn’t kill me.

It went good with some brown rice and a salmon filet that I cooked in the oven inside tin foil with chili garlic sauce and olive oil.

I just threw everything in. That counts for something, right?
I just threw everything in. That counts for something, right?

I am not a cook. I am a geek that has to eat and has accepted he can’t have takeout food every day. Therefore with the basic utensils and subpar skills of an old overweight bachelor, I cook food to eat.

That being said, and also to prevent repetition, I can combine a couple of things I’ve learned differently. Say for instance, I can use the oven to cook me up some potatoes (I cheated, they already came diced) with some chicken (chicken breasts already de-boned and skinned) with some mixed vegetables (the frozen variety, already cut up and put into a bag) in a large pan (that I know has seen better days, but honestly I can’t scrub it any cleaner I swear).

So in everything went for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees Celsius. I got the temperature from some other recipe and increased the time because it looked larger. Tasted decent enough and actually I got three meals of that one batch, which allowed me to lounge around for a couple of nights with just reheating.

It didn't kill me
It didn’t kill me

On the other hand for some typical, VERY typical bachelor cooking nothing beats dicing chicken up with some stir fry vegetables (again from a frozen veggie bag).

At least, I’m proud of myself for giving both the chicken and vegs some flavor.I decide to marinate the chicken in dijon mustard. I just had some lying around and wanted to get rid of it already. Since there was not any left for the veggies I added a couple of spoons of soy sauce.

I broke out the tortillas and did some wraps/burritos with the results. I got a couple of meals and still have some leftovers to enjoy.

Then I decided it was time to find out what The Walking Dead TV series is all about… and I went through the entire first season. Starting up the second season tonight with the leftovers. Is it wrong if watching that series makes me really hungry?

That will do for now.