(Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Although it’s been a couple of weeks already in theaters, I just had to go see this movie.

Wreck-It Ralph, the latest work of the Walt Disney Animation Studios, is one of those movies that goes a long way being cute. It also contains the many video gaming pop culture references from all the 80’s arcade games. It works, it fits and despite the marketing and promotion of this movie for kids, it’s also a little love note to the old classic arcade.

John C. Reilly does the voice of the title character, while Sarah Silverman is surprisingly good at playing Vanellope Von Sch- forget it, you’ll know her better as The Glitch. The whole cute-but-annoying or annoying-but-cute persona fits her like a glove.

The plot is the classic redemption story of the guy who everyone thinks a loser trying to gain a prize that will make him worth in the eyes of his peers and running headlong into a kid that needs help to do the same. You know how it ends, and you know there’ll be a turn or two before everyone does what they always had in themselves to do, but it’s the development here that matters.

(Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios)

The movie has nods and winks for every kind of game that you could find back in the arcade, and that’s where it gets you. It’s like finding old friends all around. Even the games that are completely imagined for the movie have an old retro feel to them and seem familiar. There’s even a nod to the ubiquitous first person shooter.

The whole thing has a Toy Story feel to it, although with only game characters populating this world (human characters are seen outside but they’re never more than extras) it lacks that bit of direct identification to it. However, just the scenes of Wreck-It Ralph talking with other villains of his Bad-Anon support group sold me early on.

Worth seeing at least once. However, if you’re not patient enough to put up with a very young audience, I’d wait for it to show up on Netflix.

That will do for now.