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Do yourself a favor. Go see Skyfall.

Chances are you’re reading this because you’re fan of the James Bond movies. Or you probably got turned off by the campy dialogue or the cheesy take of the 80’s version. Perhaps you prefer the Jason Bourne films. Regardless of that, I want to give you a chance to be amused, surprised and feel you got your money’s worth. Go to a theater and watch this film. I’ll wait.

I had a chance to see this about a week ago, thanks to a few friends that invited me along.

Director Sam Mendez has turned out a fine spy film that manages to capture both the essence of a Bond film, which means that it’s still the spy equivalent of fantasy, it’s still over the top action and has the slight darker tone of a suspenseful film. The movie proves itself to be edgier yet nostalgic. I’m trying to not give anything away but if you were a fan of Sean Connery’s first forays as 007 there are some scenes that will tug at the fan heartstrings.

Nods to the old Bond films will show up, in non-tacky yet canon way that suggests this is not a reboot of the franchise but a born-again entry into the storyline. And yes, that picture above is from the film. Daniel Craig does an excellent job as the british secret agent, Dame Judi Dench plays a superb M and Javier Bardem embodies Raoul Silva, a villain from our worst nightmares: a homegrown one. In this film these three characters actually get their equal time sharing the spotlight.

Spoilers ahead…

(Source: Metro Goldwyn Mayer)

If I had a problem with Javier’s portrayal of Raoul Silva, the evil mastermind, is that perhaps he’s a little too  packed with issues. He clearly has mother issues with M, revenge on his mind, he shows some homosexual tendencies (completely unnecessary, Hollywood, stop treating this as a perversion – it’s 2012) and when on top of it he reveals he has a physical deformity, I think it was a bit much. Really, Javier does a great role without having to add so much baggage.

Besides that, the film does undertake the task of becoming a love letter to the old Bond films past some point. It’s really good about it for the most part but it overdoes it a little on the closing scenes.

The rest of the fim is nicely paced, fast when it needs to be and slow and suspenseful on the other. For the most part, this is a film I wouldn’t mind seeing again and one I recommend you see on the big screen. If you’re still not sure let me add two words: Aston. Martin.

That will do for now.