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If there’s one comic that I can’t stop buying from DC’s New 52’s is the new Red Hood and the Outlaws. Right at the start, the comic started with a controversial take on Koriand’r / Starfire. It sparked a bit of an uproar at the way she was made into a sexpot. Although the reasons were there, and as issues went buy, she’s acquired some respect and depth for me it was the Red Hood who’s actually been the driving force behind the storylines. It’s a fresh, more honest and I think more mature Jason Todd we’re seeing here. I was enthralled with his whole back story and training days post-rebirth that had nothing to do with Batman.

I don’t want Jason going back to the Bat family to be honest. I love the Batcave-dwelling folks and all, but Jason has that zest of stepping completely outside of Bruce’s shadow and just doing his own thing. He will be forever linked to Bruce in a way he’s not even going to admit himself, but it’s that complicated strained relationship that breaks apart from the usual we’re-all-friends-at-end-of-the-episode that comics tend to borrow from sitcoms – and I find completely unnecessary.

The dynamic between the three characters has grown enough that you can trust they’re not going to kill each other. Initially I thought of Roy Harper as a bit of a punk, but he’s proving himself very reliable and loyal – although he won’t admit it. I can’t wait until we get to his back story.

Currently, the comic has been centered on exploring Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran, or basically Starfire. First things first, she’s wearing an actually protective armor now. Who knows if that will be her look from now on, but the most important thing is we’re getting to explore her universe – literally. The whole plot takes place in space. That normally is not my cup of tea, but it’s kinda working… although I’m really not a fan of the whole alien-get-together-ripped-from-star-wars-cantina-scene. I hope eventually we’ll return to solid ground and come back to more earthly plots.

That wil do for now.

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