More often than not, religion is viewed in the judeo-christian style. It’s always consider part of a neighbourhood community affair, and a lot of pride. To be honest, I’ve always seen it receiving the same treatment than patriotism. It’s almost a flag in the best of cases and the local sports team in the worst of them.

I prefer to step out of the contemporary idea of organized religion and just think faith is the most sacred, private and individual thing that is a part of you already. It may have been put there by indoctrination, upbringing, church, parents and school – but it was also tempered by vice, revelry, mischief and ultimately maturity. It’s the language of your soul and nobody speaks it but you. So rather that flaunting it like a crazed sports fan, I believe in keeping it to myself… although I’m going to give you a peek.

I don’t believe I can “save” other people by shoving my beliefs at them. I believe “saving” itself is too prideful a concept. It puts your status above the rest of the world. In essence, you are condemning the rest of the world by default and only considering people worthy on conditions.

The way I see it, Divine Inspiration is a signal that can be received anywhere. It’s an open wi-fi signal. It has an universal protocol, a language that is already spoken by us all and yet speaks to your own heart with words only you can understand. To take the high tech analogy even further, it has a lot of providers. It’s fine if you choose any of them if you feel like they speak to you, but I happen to believe you need not sign a contract to talk to your divinity at all.

For me, faith doesn’t grow in buildings of brick and mortar. Yes, you may go in there to meditate (once in a while I do). But the real thing is outside. The signal is outside, with the sun and the wind.

And it’s free.