Butter chicken, peas and carrots

Hey, I survived after eating my own cooking! Go me 🙂

Okey so for this week, there’s a couple of things that I have planned so far. Coming up soon, my first seafood pasta foray. More on that tomorrow.

However, my remaining bits of peppers and mushrooms are known to spoil fast so I thought I would get another chicken breast and try out my new rice cooker.

For the chicken breast, I picked up a butter chicken sauce. I just put the chicken in the pan with peas and carrots and added the sauce.

My little rice cooker 🙂

Here’s my rice cooker in action. I decided to get some brown rice to test it out. I added diced peppers and mushrooms to make it a wild rice. I also added butter and spices. No hassle, no fuss. I love this thing 🙂

The rice turned out perfect and delicious and I didn’t regret cooking the peppers and mushrooms in the rice cooker. I could’ve added a bit more sauce to the butter chicken, but it was a really good as it is.

The verdict? I’d say success.

I wanted to go directly to brown rice and it’s really good. In retrospect, it took very long to get the chicken breast defrosted under hot water. I should’ve left it in the fridge to defrost.

Butter chicken and wild rice

Perhaps more of the sauce should’ve been necessary to get the actual indian butter chicken look but it tasted really good. The rice cooker was a definite must-have that I should’ve gotten ages ago. One cup was enough to make rice for two dishes.

Getting the containers that snap hermetically shut was also a good investment to keep things from spoiling too fast. I think they’re still good for another experiment tomorrow.

Now I’m just having some peppermint tea. Really tired after cooking. Wonder if I burn as many calories making the food that the calories it contains. Yeah, I’m being silly – don’t listen to me.

Coming up tomorrow: Shrimp! Fettuccine!

That will do for now.