Hey! So, I’m writing again.

Long time ago when I got into blogging I realize a guilty pleasure was going to be the only thing I could honestly write about. That’s when I started that other blog about a certain Blond With A Sparkly Guitar. Blogging is a good exercise to keep my fingers typing. I also have learned about sources, album drops, a whole lot about timezones and a little about the music industry and the entertainment industry. I’ve curiously opted for a “professional” approach to celebrity blogging – I’m writing a gossip blog with no gossip on it. Strangely enough I do have some very healthy traffic on that one.

Writing, or to be more specific, writing fiction is an entirely different exercise. There’s no immediate feedback and there’s a lot of re-writing and review. The story takes a couple of fantasy stereotypes out of their element and into a different genre, this one being science fiction. The problem? There’s only two fleshed out characters based on the fact that they share this scene which actually turns the plot a different way. To make it simple, I have one scene. It happens somewhere at the beginning. That’s it.

There is, however, a lot of exposure. As all fantasy and sci-fi writing goes, this is due to the usual world-building exercise that must take place. I must actually give you the briefing on where you area and where you’re standing.

In this case, I’m using one character in a pensive state to expose the story so far until I’m ready to start. I’m not sure how’s that going to work out. After that I have to bring in a temporal character, which is killing me because since he’s not going to stay in the story, why bring him anyway?

So my options are cut the transition short – in which case, it feels rushed – or change the direction right now… which means delaying my first defined scene even further.

Then again, the first defined scene needs a setup. I can’t just bring it out of the blue. So I have to build stuff around it. And other characters. I’ve been fleshing out a third character that will slowly come to the foreground. Hopefully I will have a scene for her.

I managed to do a couple of things today. I somehow managed to get off my butt at 3, do some banking stuff before 4 and do some shopping before 5. So, not a complete waste of a day. I was also supposed to go get a jacket but I’m not sure I need one yet.