Yes, there is such a thing. You have all your desktops and laptops set right the way you want them. In truth, it’s an illusion that only lasts a few seconds. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth striving for.

I’m getting ready to retire two laptops. The larger one will probably end up going to O, for whatever he thinks its worth. The netbook has gotten a few offers but nobody seems to be ready to pony up the cash. I got one offer that I considered for a couple of days and though I answered it I have yet to hear back. If it goes below the threshold I’ll keep it for whatever.

I was looking at my apple account for whatever reason and I noticed that I was close to the number of allowed authorized computers to use my account. 4 out of a possible 5. So I researched this and found you can only clear it once it reaches the top and only once a year. I went back to the laptops I was selling, re-installed iTunes and deauthorized the two computers. Only one needed it, and it turned out that it was my linux desktop’s window partition that had the other authorization slot.

That only leaves two machines. One is the Mac Mini that is hooked up to my TV. The other is… a new inhabitant. After lusting for it for a couple of weeks, I got a Mac Air 11-inch. Thinnest and lightest netbook I’ve ever had. Runs like a dream and can even handle some lightweight games. Torchlight didn’t bark that much, but Portal makes noise – the fan turns on. I went with the 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD hard disk. I’ve taken it to the office in my backpack. The weight is by no means negligible but it is bearable enough that I can bring it to work everyday and not feel like I’m dragging a dead corpse.

I guess this confirms me as an apple fanboy, since now the trifecta is complete: desktop, netbook and phone are all apple. It does simplify things a lot though. I know the 13 inch has a better battery, more HD and CPU options and an integrated card reader but I honestly tried them both at the store and found the 11 inch model had an adequate screen and the small footprint made the sale. I recommend the 13 if you do more than casual stuff when you’re mobile. I prefer to keep it light.

Love the new application store. The ability to share programs is also very much of a plus. I added the ethernet adaptor the very next day to help me put large files in the device through the wired network instead of the usb switcharoo.

I’ve also tested the internet tethering through the iPhone. Works great and I’ve got 6GB to play around each month.

To tell you the truth, I’m a bit wary. I expect that a new model of the Mac Air is going to show up with an even larger HD and perhaps a card reader. Or a better battery. But that’s meant to happen sooner or later. You have to enjoy nirvana while it lasts.

That will do for now.